Artwork of person staring at plate with earth melting

Sustainable Eating

Hi Everyone!  

With all the news out there about climate change this summer, Sustainability Sam thought this month we could provide you with some “food” for thought and talk about eating more sustainably.  As you may already know,  agriculture is responsible for 25% of the greenhouses gases emitted every year.  Solving climate change will simply not happen without changes to the way we grow and produce food worldwide.  What are some you things you could do as an individual household to reduce your own household carbon footprint when it comes to food and food waste?

 This is a complicated and in depth question that we can’t fully address with one post. But here is a link to a New York Times interactive feature that does a great job of breaking down the different food industries and revealing their impacts on climate change: Your Questions about Food and Climate Change, Answered. The article offer a great overview and is a good starting point to learn about eating more sustainably. In future posts we hope to continue to address this complicated issue in more detail.  So keep your questions coming!

Sustainability Sam