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Image of dried out lawn

Dead Lawn, What to Do?

Dear Sam, Help!  What can I do to rescue my burned out lawn in this hot, dry summer?Dawn *** Dear […]

Storm Drain Heroes -Become one!

Dear Sustainability Sam, I see these “We protect Minnehaha Creek -Sweep up! Rake up! Pick Up!” signs around the neighborhood, […]

image of shredded paper

What to do with Shredded Paper

Hi Sam! I have a recycling question I haven’t been able to answer with the recycling guide. Can shredded paper be […]

Minnehaha Creek with Snow

Protect our Creek and Lakes

Dear Sustainability Sam, I love living so close to Minnehaha Creek and the Chain of Lakes, but as I hear […]

Map of Minneapolis Green Zone

Minneapolis’ Green Zones

Dear Sam, I recently learned that Minneapolis has two “Green Zones.” As I learn about these areas of our city […]

Foil Insulated Bag

Packaging Problems

Dear Sustainability Sam, How can I reuse those insulated foil lined bags I receive with grocery deliveries? – Rita **** […]

Pile of clothes

An Update on Textile Recycling

Dear Sustainability Sam, I have attended the last two textile waste-focused virtual events. I noticed that the most common question […]

The Future Earth Book Cover

Sustainability Book Recommendations

Hello Tangletown!  As we approach the long winter months, Sustainability Sam thought we might provide you with a list of […]

Photo of dumpster full of clothing

Textile Recycling Problem

Dear Sustainability Sam, I was planning to attend the Tangletown textile event last spring, and then a pandemic hit. Does […]

Image of raised bed vegetable garden

Growing Your Own Food

Dear Sam, What is something easy I can do during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order that’s good for the planet? Sincerely, […]

default img

Textile Recycling

Dear Sustainability Sam, I am doing some updates in my home and would like to recycle the old curtains.  Is […]

Laundry Machine with dirty clothes

Sustainable Laundry Ideas

Dear Sustainability Sam, Not only do I hate doing laundry, but it also seems so wasteful when you consider the […]

Image of icicles along gutter on home

Ice Dams

Dear Sustainability Sam, Walking around the neighborhood both last year and more recently, I have noticed a lot of ice […]

Image of food waste

Does Food Waste Really Matter?

Dear Sustainability Sam, I have heard that food waste creates greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to global heating and climate […]

Artwork of person staring at plate with earth melting

Sustainable Eating

Hi Everyone!   With all the news out there about climate change this summer, Sustainability Sam thought this month we […]

Avoiding Party Waste

Dear Sam, I always cringe when I see the amount of waste at parties. What advice do you have to […]

Image of lawn of clover

Earth Friendly Lawns

Dear Sustainability Sam, We have a traditional grass lawn that is becoming sparse for various reasons. What is good alternative […]

Containers with Q-Tips and Cottonballs

Bathroom Composting

Hi Sam, I’ve been composting in the kitchen for a while and would like to get into composting in the […]

Image of salt on road

Road Chemicals

Dear Sustainability Sam, What happens to all the road chemicals used in winter months to keep the roads clear? -Brian […]

default img

Storm Drains

April 2019 Dear Sustainability Sam, Why is it so important to clear the storm drains in the streets? -Beth ——————————— […]