Tangletown Neighborhood Survey

The last Tangletown Neighborhood Survey was done in the late summer of 2022. You can view the final survey responses here.

308 Total survey responses

Who responded:

  • 68.5% Homeowners
  • 16.9% Renters
  • 12% Business owner/School/Other
  • 17.2% HHI <$50k
  • 32.8% HHI $50k-100k
  • 39.6% HHI $100k+
  • 10.1% HHI prefer not to answer

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association surveyed residents in the summer of 2022 to find out how familiar they are with the association’s work and ways that the association can better respond to neighborhood needs and priorities.

How will survey responses be used? This survey will help members of the Tangletown Board and Equity Committee learn how to better reach and engage with residents and also best address our neighborhood’s needs. Responses informed the discussion questions that will be used in our Resident Focus Groups in spring 2023.

Privacy: Respondent names were not associated with the responses shared. Respondents were free to skip any questions they did not feel comfortable answering. At the end of the survey, respondents could share an email address or phone number to sign up for the drawing or to receive information from Tangletown. That information was saved separately so that TNA could not connect names with the survey responses shared.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your opinions and experiences with us!