Tangletown Neighborhood Survey 2022

**Take our Tangletown Neighborhood Survey 2022 survey for a chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to a Tangletown restaurant of your choice! **

The Tangletown Neighborhood Association is surveying residents to find out how familiar they are with the association’s work and ways that the association can better respond to neighborhood needs and priorities. Anyone who completes the survey is eligible to be entered into a drawing for one of two $25 gift cards to a Tangletown restaurant of their choice. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

How will survey responses be used? This survey will help members of the Tangletown Board and Equity Committee learn how to better reach and engage with residents and also best address our neighborhood’s needs. The association plans to share the survey results with neighborhood residents later this summer, both in its newsletter and by hosting a community conversation.

Privacy: Your name will not be associated with the responses you share. If we ask any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, you can skip them. At the end of the survey, if you share an email address or phone number to sign up for the drawing or to receive information from Tangletown, that information will be saved separately so that we cannot connect your name with the responses you share.

Thank you for taking time to share your opinions and experiences with us!