Strict Scrutiny: A Win For Multiracial Democracy

July’s equity resource comes from the Tangletown Neighborhood Association’s Equity Committee co-chair, Dirk Nicholson:

“For July, we are back in my podcast library! This month, I’m recommending an episode from the podcast Strict Scrutiny, “A Win For Multiracial Democracy”. This particular episode is from a live show, so the audio isn’t quite as crisp as is standard; however, it is a great listen following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Allen v. Milligan which preserved section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The podcast is hosted by law professors Kate Shaw, Mellisa Murray, and Leah Litman and is a great listen if you are interested in court culture, the impact of opinions, and don’t mind a laugh. They do weekly episodes and also have been doing additional breakdowns as particular opinions come down. In all, it’s a digestible way to understand the nuance and gravity of cases and opinions.”