September 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association September 19th 2022

NCR Staff: Survey – Aryca & Tate

Officer Reports

Committee Updates

  • Livability
    • Taste of Tangletown Street Party –Tangletown Thaw– Springtime – Thinking Late April or May 
    • Winterfest – Feb 18th or 25th?
  • Environmental
    • Lawns to Legumes Grant was received – picking applicants – 15 lawns
      • Preference is going to lawns with more sun and closer to pollinators (creek)
    • Clothing Swap wasn’t as successful as last year. Great space but not as many people as 2021. 
    • Looking for way to spend $15K sustainably. Where can we best spend money?
  • Equity
    • Land acknowledgement educational event – Feb 2023
      • Develop meaningful land use statement
      • Suggested Donation – in order to pay for speakers
        • Donate the rest back to Native Governance Center 
    • Representatives with PNI – how can we continue to support them?
    • TOPA Conversation – looking for association to endorse
      • Lending name to league as supporters of measure 
      • Organize with an ask to activate 
      • Koski has not heard about this coming back up. Not a priority for the city. 
      • Potentially invite others more involved to an upcoming meeting. 
  • Building & Land Use
    • Autumn Alley Cleanup – October 8th from 10am-1pm
      • Looking for volunteers – Dumpster at 49th/Pleasant 
      • Asking for donations 
    • Mill Historical Marker
      • Looking into if we can put something there and finding out more information (like the Water Tower) 
    • Radon Evaluation
      • Specialist to come by and fund inspections 
      • Vetted Contractors
      • Test Kits 
  • Merger Task – Kingfield/LNA/Tangletown
    • Options Discussed –
      • Contractual
      • Alliance, Partnership, Shared Services
      • Parent-Subsidiary Model
      • Merger
      • Consolidation into a Single Organization
      • Andrea will send out a survey for initial thoughts of board members
      • Funding is dependent on neighborhood makeup 
  • FYI – Tech Dump is this Saturday, 8am-Noon

In Person Meeting Survey 

ED Report

Survey – 300 have been submitted. One surveyor has broken her foot.

  • 17% renter
  • 78% homeowner
  • 8% business owner

top concerns are safety, walkability

Equity and engagement questions need to be answered for the 23-34 equity engagement process, which is due between Oct. 15-31.

For Next Meeting –

  • Link to the 3 Equity Questions we should refer to as we consider topics/develop programming: 
  • Pat suggested finding a time for committee heads to meet in the next 2 weeks. Kellie will send out a doodle poll to schedule.
  • Andrea will take a first pass at answering the questions. The amount of equity funding is $3340 – the questions and descriptions will need to be right-sized for that amount of funding. Dirk described the process previously, which helped Andrea approach the task.

9:00 – Meeting adjourned.