September 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

Call to order 7:01 pm 


Referrals for Board members from Ben Levy

Will Young 50th and Harriet 

Kyle Goldschmidt 50th and Harriet 

Lori made a motion to appoint Will and Kyle to the open board seats. 

Heather seconded. 

All in favor, motion approved. 

Financial Report

Attendees: Lauren Kramer, Dirk Nicholson, Jon Dejong, Lori Gubrud, Scott Massey, Pat Collins, Dan Trienen, Nancy, Heather Grovum, Sally Bauer, Ben Levy, Misha Bartlett

Others in attendance

Rachel from the park board – Fuller Park is open for programming. The recreation center is no longer a rec plus park site. They are excited to be able to accommodate for the middle school kids in their after school program as it is the closest recreation center to Justice Page Middle School. Preregistration is not required. However they will register all who enter the facility for COVID 19 tracking purposes. Online registration is available. 

Updates to the facility: There is now a full on pottery studio with 6 wheels available for classes for youth and adults. Registration is open online.  

Jeremy Schroeder – 

The mayor is going to be releasing the budget for 2022 in the coming weeks.

Public hearings will be going on through November, releases will come out at the end of November into December. 

There is a survey going out that asks citizens to rank their concerns in terms of importance to them in the subjects of public safety, public health, and housing issues. 

Early voting has started and is available until Election Day. 

We are still under a water advisory so sprinkler restrictions are still on. 

Lori asked if there is an implementation plan for the citizen petition?

(A) It is on the city as a whole to comply with the charter amendments. The Council does not need a plan to create a new department within 30 days. They need to be in compliance with what is voted upon. This will more likely be reorganization rather than a complete recreation of the police department. 

This will be similar to when the department of economic development and the department of housing did not agree on certain line items, they combined as a new department. 

The administration and City Council are thinking about public safety in a much more holistic sense. 

Ginger MPLS United for Rent Control – Coalition of unions, faith groups, neighborhood organizations that are organizing to attempt to win rent control/ rent stabilization – or capping the amount of rent that can be charged in Minneapolis. 

60% AMI $62,000 is the median household income in Minneapolis. This is the upper limit that qualifies a family for low-income housing in Hennepin County. 

25% of renters are in the bottom AMI 

44% of renters are cost burdened in Minneapolis and this was before the pandemic, it has gotten worse through the past year and a half. 

What impact will this have on small landlords?

It will have a greater affect on large rental organizations and property management companies. 

85% of rental units are owned by 15% of landlords who are large corporate organizations and tend to have the largest voice on the topic. 

Charter amendment 3 – Adding this to the ballot

A recent poll shows that there is significant support in favor of the amendment. 

She would like to clear up some misconceptions about rent control; it doesn’t interfere with new development and it isn’t responsible for stoppage of building. 

There is evidence for growth in other cities that have strict rent control laws. (i.e. Portland, Oakland, Seattle)

The goal of MPLS United for Rent Control is to tie rent control to the unit rather than the renter so that a landlord cannot raise rent between each new renter. 

There is a real incentive for homeowners and renters in this policy as there is less movement due to rent displacement and this creates more stable neighborhoods.

Dirk- They are open to passing the amendment to open up for discussion about rent stabilization but there is not necessarily strong support for rent stabilization. 

There is discussion about what this will look like in Minneapolis, and what is 3% of CPI. 

Mobilizing city council meeting for what this will look like. 

Q: What is the need for a charter amendment if this is exploratory. What is stopping the council from doing something right now?

A: There is a very a very narrow path that allows for rent control to pass in Minneapolis. 

A role that the neighborhood association can play in this is advocating for what type of policy we would like to see or pass. 

Heather moved to approve the equitable engagement fund and neighborhood fund applications. 

Ben seconded. 

Jon opened it up for questions about the applications. Ben asked what will happen on follow up with the applications and how the metrics will be measured by the city or county. 

They will follow up with a chart similar to the application outlining our results with proposed actions. 

We have to meet the minimum requirements that the city has set forth for us to follow. 

CURA- Center for Urban and Regional Affairs 

Areas of concentrated poverty, areas at threat of gentrification, and cost burdened households. Portions of neighborhood funds are being funneled to neighborhoods that have higher needs. 

Finding ways to diversify the board through changing structural things or possibly procedural things. 

All in favor motion passes. 

Pat asked how we can spend this money and if we are able to fundraise to create more funding to expand this work. 

Committee Updates


Open Streets we are looking for funding approval. Looking to do something like a jump rope event to engage the community. Want to do something sensational to engage the community.  Waiting to hear back from Mad Poppers Popcorn Company before we decide to partner with the Kenny Neighborhood.

Still in need of volunteers to staff all tables for the day. 

Misha would like to vote on having jump pros join us for engagement.  Decided to vote over email depending on continued committee discussion and cost for jump roping group.

Welcome bags are being planned for fall distributing, exploring lower cost options or same vendor as last time. 

Ben moved to approve up to $1000 for welcome bags for new Tangletown residents, Lauren seconded, all in favor, motion approved. 

No events planned for November or December. 


New initiatives 

Green Partners Grant- low waste lifestyle, providing education to residents about packaging waste

October 4th Andrea Seigle and Kellie Kisch event to create awareness about recycling and reduction of waste. for more information. 


Homeownership Opportunity Alliance – businesses, nonprofits, and government entities that are working on reducing barriers to entry to increase homeownership. 

Dirk moves that the TNA is in favor of being in partnership with this alliance

Pat seconded, all in favor, motion passes

Building Land Use and Housing

Safety rebate is off the ground, there has been some participation so far, possibly 6-7 have been reimbursed. 

Dirk is asking for up to $100 to print flyers to pass around to homes in the neighborhood to spread the word to increase participation. 

Lori moved to approve the $100 ask, Heather seconded, all in favor, motion passes. 

Volunteers needed for two hour shifts for alley clean up on October 30th

ED report

As a part of our application for city funding, we need to have several new policies in place by January 1st. Sally is going to try to have them created and ready to vote upon by October and approved by November, so be on the lookout for those. 

We will need to switch from Google docs for financial forms to Quickbooks as part of requirements.

Adjourn 9PM