September 2014

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, September 15, 2014 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Ryan Fisher, Jane Elias, Dylan Sirney, Lauren Anderson, Laura

Silver, Sandra Bartsias, Andrea Siegel, Eric David, Mary Jane Mitchell, Matt Chapman

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar

Also present: John Quincy (Ward 11 City Councilmember), Tjody deVaal

Called to order: 7:07pm

Fall Newsletter

The Board discussed the timeline for fall newsletter article submissions, which are due by this Wednesday,

Setpember 17th to Tjody via email. Tjody will send the final proof on Monday, September 24th and would

appreciate a heads up if any articles are coming late. The newsletter should hit mailboxes during the week

of October 6th. Steve presented the TNA Proposal for Payment to pay Tjody $650.00 for the Fall

Newsletter design and layout. A motion to approve this proposal was made, seconded, and approved by the

Board. The Board discussed having an attached bid for printing services to compare to our current printer,

Ideal Printing. Sandra researched bringing the printed newsletters to the Eagan USPS processing plant,

which would enable TNA to mail newsletters through the bulk mail permit for a lower rate.

Halloween Walking Tour

The Board discussed timing of the Halloween Walking Tour and settled on Thursday, October 30th at

7:30pm. The Walking Tour will be geared toward adults and should be well-timed to enjoy neighborhood

Halloween decorations. Steve presented a Proposal for Payment for $40.00 for cookies, cider, and printing

of flyers to fund the Halloween Walking Tour. The motion was seconded and passed by the Board. Tjody

will put together the walking route and bring flyers to the October meeting for board members to help

distribute. Thanks, Tjody!

Fuller Park playground and pool shade structures update:

Steve gave an update on the hiring process for the Fuller Park Manager as well as the playground

construction, which is proposed to take place in October. A manager should be in place later this month.

Councilmember Quincy added that there’s a pool of potential managers awaiting assignments, so hopefully

a new manager will be in place soon.

Volunteers of America – MN

The organization currently works with other neighborhoods on volunteer events – Steve will contact and

invite them to write an article for the Fall Newsletter to promote opportunities for seniors.

Business façade:

Ryan gave a brief overview of TNA’s recent business façade grant program, which is currently out of funds

but may be renewed in future months.

TNA Grant Program:

Ryan gave an overview of the home improvement low-interest loan and grant programs that had been

administered by the Center for Energy & Environment. There are still funds available for some of the

funding options but no organization available to administrator the programs yet. Greater Metropolitan

Housing may be open to taking on the administrative role, but there is no agreement in place. Ryan with

follow up with Jack at the City’s Neighborhood & Community Relations Dept. and bring more information

to the Board in October.

Officer reports:

Secretary’s report – August 2014 minutes.

Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that bank balances are the same as in August – $15,748.46 in TNA

account and $22,095.78 in our NCR account. Sandra also reported that we need to use a different form to

file our taxes with the State of MN – she’s working with City staff to obtain the correct form for filing later

this month.

Committee reports:

 Arts – The last mural on CK Food & Fuel at 48th & Nicollet has been installed! The building

owner deferred to the business owner, who was delighted to adopt the remaining mural.

Additionally, the Neighborhood Gateway Project is underway. Funding was allocated through the

Crosstown Project and structures are being poured (including one at 61st and Nicollet). Utility box

wraps are on hold until TNA hires a coordinator. Jane Elias will chair the Arts Committee.

 Communication – Laura Silver is happy to join this committee, though some of these items (e.g.

web updates, e-newsletter) will be part of the Coordinator’s work plan.

 NRP – This committee may change with the hiring of a Coordinator as well.

 Sustainability – Councilmember Quincy gave an update on the City’s plans for organics

collection roll out next fall. Solid waste rates will go up citywide to fund the program, though

households will have to opt-in to participate. Rates should go up $3.50/month for households and

any participating household that drops down to a small trash bin will get $3/month back, which

will offset the cost. Drop-off programs will expand to more parks and the City is planning a press

event to promote the program and will be working with Hennepin County to increase SCORE

funding. There are also new recycling and trash carts throughout Fuller Park as part of the MPRB

rolling out new recycling set-ups and automated collection in the parks.

 Business – Dylan gave an update on efforts to develop a neighborhood business directory and map

to promote shopping locally, encouraging neighbors to walk and bike. The committee is also

considering passport or local neighborhood dollar options to further promote businesses. Jane will

write an article for the Fall Newsletter on supporting neighborhood businesses.

Partner and other announcements:

Councilmember Quincy gave an update on the city budget process. Department budget hearings are taking

place now through October. There will be two additional public hearings in November before the final

budget is adopted in December. There will be a 2.9% property tax levy increase (as opposed to 8% as in

years past).

The Special Services District for 54th & Lyndale was approved last Tuesday, September 9th.

Eric brought up the need to have an updated list of businesses at each neighborhood node and which ones

allow flyers to be hung on boards, in break rooms, etc. Eric and Steve are working to update the TNA

realty signs to be used for more events and have a place to hold brochures (e.g. for the garage sale).

Nicollet Open Streets took place on Sunday, September 14th and was a GREAT event!

Adjourned: 8:31pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary