September 2007

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Meeting, Monday, September 17, 2007

Draft minutes

7:00 P.M. Fuller Park

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda. Moved and approved

3. Approval of Minutes. Posted on the website. Moved and approved.

4. Safety update from Chelsea Adams, Crime Prevention Specialist
Property crimes are most prevalent recently, particularly theft from vehicles. Remember to lock cars and hide valuables left in cars when unattended. There have been some reports of garage door openers stolen from cars and then robberies from those garages. Suspects are typically male, on bikes, and with backpacks. Theft of catalytic converters has been noticed, predominantly on trucks, vans, and SUVs –Toyotas in particular.

The following handouts were provided: Preventing Bicycle Theft; Preventing Auto Theft; Preventing Residential Burglary; Information regarding Community Impact Statement; Upcoming Block Leader Training; Upcoming Property Manager workshop; Guard Your Identity; 911 and 311 info; 5th Precinct Resources Phone List; and Neighborhood Policing Plan for Tangletown.

Neighborhood Policing is focused on concerns over smokers from Washburn High School on private property and on theft in general.

5. Home tour assignments
We’re still looking for 5 more volunteers for the Home Tour. Volunteer time slots are 2 hours, either 1-3 or 3-5 and include admission ticket to the home Tour. Tickets will again be $10 this year, and tickets will be printed into the brochure for the event. Flowers will be delivered to all host homes on Saturday.

6. Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Update
We’re at the mid-term of Phase 2 in the NRP plan. The plan proposal is available for review on the Tangletown website as well as at the Washburn Library and Fuller Park.

The following handouts were provided: Review of Phase 2 process, Phase 2 Budget, NRP Link Newsletter.

Next TNA Board meeting (October 17) will have a vote from neighborhood residents to approve the Phase 2 plan, and then a vote from the TNA Board to approve Phase 2.

Once Phase 2 has been approved residents will be able to begin applying for housing-based loans, to be processed in early 2008. A point was made to consider funds toward the rebuilding of the Lyndale parkway bridge to include a Tangletown crest on the bridge. NRP funds cannot be used toward projects of beautification specifically. The Board owns the monies that are repaid through the home loans by residents.

Phase 2 funding has been uncertain. As a result, we are encouraged to spend 50% of monies in year 1. Neighborhood must encourage their city councilmember to release all monies allocated to Phase 2.

7. Special meeting format/assignments/agenda
Handout of draft agenda. We will attempt to alternate Q&A between people, for the project, against the project, and undecided or neutral on the project.

8. Garage sale / response to concerns around missing StarTribune ad
We will offer no refunds for this year’s garage sales as it is a revenue generator for the neighborhood; despite the shortage of advertising this year. Next year we must have a board member tied to this event.

9. Letter to city regarding TNA board’s stance on the proposed Creekside Commons development
Ryan and Jerry have written a draft and submitted it to Sarah for review. Joe Thiegs will also review the letter before it is sent to the full board for review. The letter will be sent to the city Planning Commission for their vote at the end of October.

10. Treasurer Update
Jerry just received the treasurer materials tonight and will begin sorting through the documents soon. Reimbursements for 4th of July expenses will be done soon, and there are anticipated expenses for the upcoming Home Tour.

11. Opportunity for Special Communications
Our printer has offered 11×17 2-fold print job for free due to printing problems with the last newsletter.

12. New Matters
Laura Silver should be moved off the 4th of July email list as she will not be chairing that event in the future. The board should begin thinking about finding a replacement.

13. Adjournment

Attendance: Sarah Cortright, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Mary Jane Mitchell

Not present: Joe Thiegs, Mary Davidson, Chris Burns

2007-2008 Board
Sarah Cortright, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden, Joe Thiegs, Mary Davidson, Meredith Johnson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Chris Burns