September 2006

Minutes Draft
Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, September 18, 2006
7:00 P.M.
Fuller Park

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda—moved and approved, as modified.
3. Approval of Minutes—August minutes moved and approved.
4. Better Ballot Campaign. This November, voters in Minneapolis will be considering a proposal to use instant runoff voting for elections to the City Council for future elections. Instant runoff voting would be used for city offices, allowing voters to rank all the candidates for the particular office. Jay Linnell of the Minneapolis Better Ballot Campaign explained the proposal to the Board.
5. NRP report—held over until next meeting.
6. Treasurer’s Report—Supat is not able to attend this meeting. Joe Thiegs volunteered and was elected as Treasurer elect to transition from Supat Tipayamongkol as Treasurer should that become necessary this year.
7. Report on Home Tour. Home Tour was a great success and 161 people took part in the Tour. Sarah Cortright reported that there has been some interest in having realtors involved in the Tour (sponsoring the event or materials). No action was taken in this regard but it may be an issue to discuss next year. There was also some questions regarding a young person’s rate (age 10 to 18) since $10 seems too high. Also, the Spring Newsletter could be used to solicit homes for next year. Expenses are likely to be about $300 and revenues about $1,600 so this continues to be a good fund raiser for the Association. Also, about twenty leads have been assembled for possible Homes for next year.
9. Open Matters – Board Members or Members of Tangletown
10. Adjournment

Sarah Cortright, Andrew Hedden, Ryan Fisher, Norman Foster, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Steve Edwards
Not present: Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Meredith Johnson, Supat Tipayamongkol

Other: Jay Linnell

2006-2007 Board
Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Steve Edwards, Ryan Fisher, Norman Foster, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Supat Tipayamongkol