house roof with solar panels

Residential Rooftop Solar Rebate

Tangletown Neighborhood Association’s Environmental Committee is working toward incentivizing neighbors (Tangletown residential property owners) to install solar panels on their roof as a way to create a more sustainable energy future. To do this equitably, we have created a tiered rebate program.

The tier breakdown will be as follows:

  • Applicants with a total household income under $75,000 will receive up to $1,500 
  • Applicants with a total household income between $75,001 and $150,000 will receive up to $1,000 
  • Applicants with a total household income over $150,001 will receive up to $500

Rebates are available to households who are pre-approved and install rooftop solar by a licensed contractor on their Tangletown home between February 1, 2023 and December 31, 2024 (program has been extended) or until funding is depleted. Limit of one rebate allowed per household. The rebate cannot be larger than the amount spent on the project. Rebate applicant must own the residential property. If you rent your home, please encourage the owner of the property to apply!

Please apply by submitting the rebate pre-approval form and required documentation to ensure funds are available and reserve your rebate of up to $1,500 for approved solar panel installation at your home. Please report your total household income accurately.* This program has limited funds and is tiered in order to offer the most support to neighbors with lower incomes, creating equitable access to green energy.

If you are having any difficulties submitting the application online or have questions about the application, please email or call us at 612-564-3445 for assistance. You can expect to hear from us within two weeks of submission.

Do you know about the federal residential solar energy tax credit? Most homeowners are eligible for this 30% tax credit, making rooftop solar even more affordable. Learn more here.

Want to learn more about going solar? Explore our Solar Resources webpage to explore solar energy resources and for a link to a recording of our Explore Solar Virtual Panel discussion.

*Tangletown Neighborhood Association reserves the right to ask for proof of household income.