Resources for Tangletown Renters

Renter Resources

Are you a Tangletown renter? Join your neighborhood board or check out one of our committees! Tangletown Neighborhood Association board seats are open to all who live and/or own a business in Tangletown and are 18 years of age or older. Getting involved with your neighborhood organization is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors, build community, and make a positive impact on your neighborhood. Learn more here.

Are you a Tangletown rental property owner? Email when a new tenant moves in and we will deliver a welcome bag! If you own a building with 12 units or more, we are happy to host a pop up information event to introduce residents at your building to our organization!

Tangletown Renter Facts

  • 22% of Tangletown households rent (2020 census
  • There are 140 active rental licenses in Tangletown as of September 2022, for a total of 492 units
    • 82 properties are single-family rentals
    • 36 properties are duplexes
    • 15 properties have 3-6 units
    • 5 properties have 12-30 units
    • 2 properties have 80+ units