Radon Resources

2 out of every 5 homes in Minnesota test high for radon. Radon occurs naturally in the soil and can enter and accumulate in your home. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer. We have gathered online radon resources below to help you learn about the risks of radon accumulation and to help you test and mitigate radon accumulation in your home.

Learn more about radon:

Healthy Homes: Radon, City of Minneapolis

Radon in Homes, MN Department of Health

Minnesota Radon Fact Sheet

Brochure: Radon: Keeping you safe from radon

Testing for radon:

Test kits can be purchased at our local hardware store Diamond Lake Hardware (54th and Nicollet)

Long-term and short-term radon test kits available at Diamond Lake Hardware in Tangletown

Radon Mitigation:

Find a MDH licensed radon mitigation professional

Grant funding resources for radon mitigation

Learn about radon and lung cancer: