Proposed Development at 137 W 46th Street

Local developer North Bay is proposing to build a 5 unit, 3 story townhouse building at 137 W 46th Street in Tangletown. The units would be rented and maintained by North Bay after building completion. The team presented and answered questions related to the development at our September board meeting.

In October, the developer team met with members of the Tangletown Neighborhood Association to discuss some of the concerns from the community. They have shared additional information as a follow up to some of the feedback received. Linked below are updates related to sustainability initiatives, storm water management, landscaping, driveway access, and more.  

Finally, the developer team plans to meet with the directly adjacent neighbor to discuss preferences for fencing and landscaping.

The next steps for this project include a tentative timeline below:

  1. City Planning Commission – Late January/Early February
  2. City Council for Rezoning – Late February
  3. Start Construction – April

If you have additional questions or feedback, they can be sent to Garret Duncan, Development Analyst at NorthBay: or 612.314.4314.

Picture of 3 story building