Rain Gardens

New rain gardens have begun decreasing runoff onto Tangletown streets. In the fall of 2017, the Tangletown Neighborhood Association and Metro Blooms helped five Tangletown property owners install rain gardens.  Rainwater runoff carries harmful pollutants directly to our local lakes and creeks.  Rain gardens substantially reduce runoff by allowing stormwater to soak into the ground instead of running into the storm drain.  These five rain gardens alone will cumulatively infiltrate around 1,700 gallons of water during a typical 1 inch rain event. Rain gardens represent a great opportunity for our neighborhood to add attractive landscaping while preventing harmful runoff from entering our beloved lakes and creeks. As an added bonus, they create much needed habitat for pollinators.

Tangletown’s contribution lowered the overall cost for the homeowners.  Property owners attended a Metro Blooms workshop, helped pay for a portion of the cost, and have committed to maintain the gardens.  We want to thank the property owners who participated in the project!  

Keep an eye out for these new rain gardens as you stroll or roll through the neighborhood.  

Check back here for additional opportunities to add a raingarden to your property.

Rain garden being planted in Tangletown