Pollinator Pathway Project Plant Sale Fundraiser

We appreciate your interest in the Nicollet Avenue Pollinator Pathway Project! You can help support the Tangletown, Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhood organizations and expand the habitat for the native Rusty Patched Bumblebee by planting some of their favorite flowers in your garden.

We have created flats of eighteen native plants and are offering them for sale to residents of the Lyndale, Kingfield, and Tangletown neighborhoods. Plant packs will be available for pick up June 9 and June 10 in Tangletown.* Exact times and pick up location TBD.

*Orders are available for pick up only. Please disregard any default shipping info you may have saved in your account at check out.

Scroll down to the order form and to see the plant flat details. Indicate the quantity once you add a pack to your cart. Please note: The below PayPal order form may not work if accessed through Facebook’s mobile app. Please open this web page in an internet browser to place your order.

Select Plant Pack

One flat contains multiples of each flower and bloom in spring, summer, and fall. This offers the bumblebee constancy and season-long food. Flats are available for full sun (over six hours of direct sunlight) or part shade (between four and six hours of sun.) Each flat covers about 18 square feet of garden and costs $125.

Full Sun 18-pack:

  • Giant Hyssop (qty. 4)
  • Azure Aster (qty. 4)
  • Purple Prairie Clover (qty. 6)
  • Golden Alexander (qty. 4)

Part Sun 18-pack:

  • Red Columbine (qty. 6)
  • Turtlehead (qty. 4)
  • Wild Bergamot (qty. 4)
  • Culvers Root (qty. 4)

Plant packs cannot be customized. Quantities are limited and packs are available to Lyndale, Kingfield and Tangletown residents only.

Proceeds from plant pack sales support the Nicollet Avenue Pollinator Pathway Project and the Lyndale, Kingfield, and Tangletown neighborhood associations.