October 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2023 TNA meeting:

Attendees, board members: Claire Blanchette, Pat Collins, Heather Grovum, Juliana Keen, Patrick Prochaska, Stephanie Scott, Ian Stade, and Will Young

Attendees, non-board members: Andrea Siegel, Matthew Larson, Scott Massey, Janette Zahia Corselius, and Seng Vang

Called to order at 7:05

  1. MFT presentation:
    1. Circulating an open letter amongst neighborhoods with two primary points for school board
      1. Stopping the outflow of educators
        1. Teachers in Minneapolis are paid less than in all surrounding districts
      2. Stemming enrollment decline
        1. About 50% of eligible students not in Minneapolis Public Schools
    2. Letter will be presented to the Board on November 14
    3. The board wants to see the final draft of the letter before voting
  2. Fuller Park update:
    1. Recently switched to fall hours
    2. Winter registration for 2024 programming will be October 25 at noon
    3. Starting an E-sports program this fall to compete in a citywide league meeting Mondays and Tuesdays 4-6pm
    4. Will setup for Halloween trick-or-treaters with goody bags starting around 4:30pm on Halloween
    5. Willing to partner for Winter Fest
  3. Secretary update:
    1. Claire moved to approve September minutes; Pat P seconded.  Passed unanimously.
  4. Treasurer update:
    1. Recent expenses include Andrea’s salary, Zoom costs, and Facebook advertising
    2. Received a donation last month
    3. Paid interpreter for the renter pop-up event
  5. Fuller Park Flats:
    1. Construction is nearing completion
      1. Certificate of occupancy date hopefully of October 27
      2. Inspections are ongoing
      3. People can move in beginning in November
    2. Asked about sharing information at board meeting
      1. Suggested they host open house
  6. MnDOT/City of Minneapolis land (Will recused himself from this portion of meeting):
    1. Request from Scott Massey to take advantage of Landscape Reimbursement Rebate through MnDOT for tax years 2020, 2021, and 2022
      1. Would need to count expenses including water bills and contribution to the freeway wall programming
      2. Should have been presented to TNA Board annually, but now doing so retroactively
        1. Will consult with Jess Birkin about if retroactivity is possible and to draft the necessary documentation
        2. Hoping to have a response within one week 
  7. WinterFest:
    1. Planning on February 24, 2024 from 5-8pm
    2. Will follow past practices, but planning overseen by BLUH
      1. Perhaps adding hot cocoa or popcorn with partnership from Fuller Park
    3. Discussion about more adult themed activities including ice lantern making/contest or singing
  8. Intercultural Development Inventory:
    1. Equity Committee member (Ellen) proposed donating her time to oversee the process, but she is abroad from January-June 2024
    2. Only costs are the assessment of $23/person (and can be taken asynchronously)
    3. Pat P moved to allocate up to $300 for assessments; Heather seconded.  Passed unanimously.
  9. Committee Updates
    1. Environmental
      1. E-waste panel will be October 26 with almost 50 registrants
      2. November 16 event on resource sharing and impact of borrowing still needs another panelist
        1. First 20 registrants will receive a coupon for membership to either Tool or Toy Library
      3. Low turnout for solar panel event, but one new application
    2. Equity
      1. Discussed the Intercultural Development Inventory for the Board
      2. Still trying to coordinate Bystander Training
    3. Building, Land Use, and Housing
      1. Will take on Engagement and WinterFest from the time being
      2. Neighborhood Garage Sale will be first weekend in May
        1. We will provide some signage for those who register with TNA (perhaps minor fee)
        2. Reach out to Bridging and Epilepsy Foundation to see if either will take unsold items at conclusion of weekend from those who want to donate
      3. Want to speak with library about possibly locating mill information on its property if Park Board will not partner
      4. Will work on scheduling a separate safety meeting that does not tie into larger Board meeting
    4. Southwest Neighborhood Collaborative
      1. No one attended last month
      2. Still trying to approve consultant contract
      3. Stephanie volunteered to be backup if Kellie is unavailable
  10. Executive Director Report
    1. Lots of meetings for the Hennepin County Environmental grant

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm