October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Call to order 7:00 pm 

Dan was “volunteered” to take notes in Heather’s absence.

Attendees: Lauren Kramer, Dirk Nicholson, Jon Dejong, Lori Gubrud, Scott Massey, Pat Collins, Dan Treinen, Sally Bauer, Ben Levy, Kyle Goldschmidt, Will Young, Jeremy Schroeder, Charlie Rybak    

  1. September meeting minutes were approved.
  1. Treasury Report
  1. Open Streets was a success
  2. Charter Amendment Debate was informative and had great in-person and online turnout.
  3. Sally received signature for Hennepin County Green Partner Grant and money is “on the way.”

III. Jeremy Schroeder 

  1. Early Voting has begun and Vote-by-Mail Deadline is approaching [recommended to download or pick up ballot at least 14 days prior to election and mail in ballots should be mailed at least seven days prior to election].
  2. City approved “Right to Council” to allow low-income renters to receive free council funded by the city.
  3. Homegrown Food Council is working with 2-Year Food Action Plan which will be combined with Climate Action Plan.
  4. Reminder that city budget meetings to be November 16 and December 1.  Public may participate.
  5. Neighborhood Funding – Jeremy confirmed that TNA can simply change the date and resubmit information from last year. 
  1. Charlie Rybak discussed Southwest Voices [SWV], a new online newsletter, found at southwestvoices.news, which has been up and running for 3 weeks.  
  1. SWV to be funded primarily through individual memberships [a la MPR] and sponsors from SW Mpls businesses.  Membership meetings to be held every month.
  2. SWV is a For-Profit organization, but with non-profit transparency.  It will have foundational sponsors in lieu of traditional ads.  
  3. SWV hopes to establish Partnership Agreements with SW Mpls Neighborhood Associations. 
  4. Ben Asked what a perfect world would be for SWV.  Charlie responded:
  1. Hire full/part time staff
  2. Use readers/residents as writers/editors
  3. Hopes SWV can be the “connective tissue” that can help bring residents together after a difficult two years.
  4. Have participation of SW Mpls’ NAs.  
  1. Currently SWV is online only, but hopes to one day distribute print version.
  2. Subscriptions are free, but could be had on Daily or Weekly basis
  3. Kellie asked what it is modeled after:
  1. Berkeley Side [and Oakland Side] community news
  2. City Bureau [Chicago]
  3. Outlier Detroit
  4. Solutions Journalism Network
  5. Jon asked about goals/org structure and what would be expected of Neighborhood Associations if they agreed to a partnership with SWV.
  1. Expectations are that NAs will help promote content and memberships.
  2. Hopes to have full time editor and civic producer/community organizer.  
  3. Hopes to hire part/full time writers
  4. Currently using freelance writers, etc.
  5. Andrew Haeg [founder of Ground Source] is co-founder/editor 
  1. Will asked about community feedback.  Readers will be able to post comments, but not in a way that devolves into insult loops [a la twitter/nextdoor]
  2. Jon asked when TNA would need to agree to a “Partnership”.  Charlie responded that in a month or so he’d like to have clarity.  TNA to discuss partnership at November Board meeting.  
  3. Sally asked what would be on NA’s page.  Charlie responded that it would be content that the NA’s would want to publicize/promote, typically provided by the NA.  
  1. Policy Reviews
  1. NA Policies [city provided templates] need to be reviewed, approved, and submitted to the city by January 1 to receive funds.  
  2. All agreed to Jon’s suggestion of the having a smaller group [Jon, Will, and Sally] review the Policies, highlight issues, and make recommendations to Board at November Board meeting.  Board members are encouraged to review Policies prior to November meeting.  
  3. Kyle asked if city approves the Policies.  Sally stated that she doubts city will read the policies for each NA and that the requirement is that we simply have  policies.  It is not the content of the policies that is approved.  
  1. Committees
  2. Environmental [Pat]
  1. Energy Rebates will be finished in 2022 focusing on Green Participation Grant.
  2. Oct 5 – Plastic Wars screening and discussion with Andrea Siegal [recycling expert] went well with good attendance. 
  3. Nov 10 – Overcoming Packaging Waste Screening and discussion with Kate Marnae about Re-use.
  4. Dec 1 – “Transitioning to a Zero Waste Lifestyle”
  5. Sustainability Sam to address issue of sustainability of snow/ice melt in next newsletter.
  6. Survey Data from Open Streets survey was collected for GP Grant.
  7. Equity [Dirk]
  1. City Council is discouraging redevelopment for East Phillips Neighborhood
  2. Committee meetings are moving to second Monday of the month.
  3. Building Land Use and Housing [Dirk]
  1. Oct 30 – Due to lack of people signing up, Alley Cleanup may be cancelled.  We will know more of its fate in the next few days.
  2. Oct 19 – Security Rebate Fliers will be distributed to TT homes.
  3. Livability and Engagement [Jon]
  1. Open Streets was a success
  2. 3rd Annual Winterfest [winter’s compliment to our 4th of July celebration with luminaires/fire pits/etc.]
  1. Checking dates [probably between Super bowl and Valentines Day.
  2. Hoping to partner with local businesses
  3. ED Report [Sally]
  1. Alley Cleanup [see above]
  2. The Charter Amendment Discussion was held Saturday at Mayflower Church.  It was informative and had great in-person and online turnout.
  3. Winter Fundraising?  All agreed that a task force be formed to determine how to make up for city budget funding shortfalls and how to engage city.  Task Force volunteers were Pat, Lauren, Lori, and Kellie.

Adjourned: 8:45