October 2015

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, October 19, 2015 (Annual Meeting) – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Andrew Buss, Ryan Fisher, Lauren Anderson, Joy

Gottschalk, Dick Fiala

Board members absent: Eric David, Virgil Petrie, Dan Williams, Andrea Siegel, Laura Silver, Karen Costello

Also present: Adam Lilla (owner of Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness); Tjody deVaal; Tom Balcom, Barb

Balcom, Mike Gilbertson (Tangletown residents)

Called to order: 7:04pm

Newsletter Update

Tjody gave an update on the fall newsletter, which was mailed today through Ideal Printers. It should hopefully hit

residential and business mailboxes later this week assuming there are no delays with our bulk mail permit. Mary

Jane brought up the status of newsletter distribution to businesses. Tjody will double check whether businesses in

the neighborhood currently receive the newsletter through the mail. Joy offered that the Sustainability Committee

will be delivering Community Solar event flyers and could take notes on which businesses currently accept

community informational pieces.

Halloween Walking Tour

Tjody requested a budget of $35 for glowsticks and hot cider for the Halloween Walking Tour, which will take place

on Halloween (Saturday, October 31 st ). A motion to approve this budget was made, seconded, and approved by the

full board. Fuller Park isn’t offering a community Halloween party this year so the tour was moved to October 31 st

and the route will include trick-or- treating.

Community Solar Workshop

Joy gave an overview of the Community Solar Garden forum coming up on November 12 th , 2015 at Mayflower

Church (106 E Diamond Lake Road). The event is being held in partnership with the Hale-Page- Diamond Lake

Community Association (HPDL), Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group (FRNNG), Windom Community

Council, and Lynnhurst Neighborhood. Residents in Tangletown and HPDL will receive an event postcard in the

mail and the Sustainability Committee is looking for volunteers to help distribute flyers around the neighborhood.

Panelists for the event include Trevor Drake from CERTs (Clean Energy Resource Teams) and Jamie Long from

Linden Hills Power & Light (LHPL). LHPL recently organized a community solar garden, which will be installed

on roof of the Linden Hills Co-op. Joy posted on Nextdoor looking for a volunteer to video and upload the

workshop so it will be accessible to other Mpls residents and neighborhoods. TNA will also have a survey available

at the event and online to gauge residents’ interest in local or remote community solar projects.

Maintenance along Stevens Ave

Mike Gilbertson addressed the board regarding the lack of maintenance of the grass and planted areas along the

sound wall across from Stevens Ave. Initially MNDOT mowed the grass adjacent to the soundwall multiple times

during the growing season but has since decreased to only twice a year. Neighbors on the block of Stevens Ave

between 49 th and 50 th Streets did some maintenance this past summer and there’s interest in organizing for future

seasons. Across the freeway, neighbors on 2 nd Ave have organized to buy a mower, store it, install perennials, and

share maintenance duties. Tangletown neighbors on Stevens Ave would like to organize similar efforts and would

appreciate guidance from TNA. Ideally, the group would coordinate with MNDOT’s twice a year mowing schedule

and support neighbors who want to plant perennials across from their homes. Ryan provided some history: when the

soundwalls went up some neighborhoods were interested in managing the maintenance along the structures but it

proved challenging to organize. Resident Tim Price organized the 2 nd Ave improvements and recommended that

TNA establish a Greening Committee to create a plan, work with public officials and recruit volunteers to help with

the maintenance. This group could form as a subcommittee of Sustainability or as its own committee and address

other public spaces throughout the neighborhood including the Gladstone Ave triangle and Washburn Water Tower.

NCR October Learning Lab

Neighborhood and Community Relations is holding a learning lab on Thursday, October 29 th from 6-7:30pm at All

My Relations Gallery (1414 East Franklin Avenue) to discuss strategies to increase neighborhood involvement

among American Indian and African American residents. Interested board members can attend.

Minnehaha Trail Improvements Project

Tom Balcom addressed the board about the Lyndale bridge over Minnehaha Creek. The bridge’s arch was

originally designed to be wide enough to accommodate bicycle and walking traffic in both directions. After the

bridge construction, the MPRB was reluctant to install a shared trail that would accommodate bicycles in addition to

pedestrians and held a public meeting this past June. Residents in attendance were adamant that bike paths on this

stretch were critical to usability and important points of connection to other bicycling infrastructure within the city.

In response to this feedback, the MPRB will hold a follow-up public meeting this Thursday, October 22 nd at 6pm at

Lynnhurst Recreation Center to discuss shared-use trails – interested board members should plan to attend this


Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the September 2015 minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Treasurer – Balance in the TNA is $18,171.88 and the balance of the NCR account is $10,946.00.

Neighborhood Priorities Status

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick) – no update

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil) – no update

School Relationships (Sandra, Mary Jane) – Sandra spoke with Joelle from Mpls Community Ed about partnering

with TNA on community events and classes. Community Ed often holds holiday events for Halloween, winter

holidays, etc. Sandra also wrote an article for the fall newsletter highlighting Community Ed.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy) – The Sustainability Team’s update was covered under Community Solar

Workshop. Organics projects will pick up in the winter as the roll-out for collection services in Tangletown draws


Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea) – no update

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura) – no update

Other Business –

Supporting Local Businesses

In Bryn Mawr, the neighborhood offers local business punch cards. Residents complete the punch cards by visiting

different neighborhood businesses. Once the card is full, residents can pick up a prize, get a free cup of coffee, etc.

The board discussed promoting local Tangletown businesses in a similar manner to the Bryn Mawr program,

potentially through a mailed postcard with spaces for residents to visit businesses. Ryan recommended contacting

the Southwest Business Association about partnering on an initiative. Steve is going to follow up.

Washburn Water Tower

Barb Balcom discussed issues with the plantings around the Washburn Water Tower. Some of the shrubs and trees

are overgrown and could potentially damage the structure. There’s a gap in maintenance between the MPRB and

Public Works. This project could be wrapped into a TNA committee or sub-committee devoted to public spaces that

need plantings installed and maintained.

Partner and Other Announcements

Councilmember Quincy is not able to attend tonight’s meeting but stopped by before the meeting. Joy is working

with his office on the upcoming Community Solar Forum.

The board discussed planning for the holiday party, potentially in place of the board’s regular meeting on December

21 st .

46 th Street Reconstruction – Ryan has represented TNA at the 46 th Street reconstruction meetings. The project will

stretch from Lyndale to Cedar Ave. The City and Hennepin County have hosted two planning meetings for

neighborhood partners and have an upcoming public open house this Wednesday, October 21st from 6-8pm at Field

School. The City and County have collected traffic counts and accident data for this stretch and determined that

accidents are three times more likely on 46 th Street between Nicollet and 35-W. Project coordinators will have a few

proposed solutions for attendees’ consideration and feedback on Wednesday night.

Adjourned: 8:37pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, substitute for Dan Williams, TNA Secretary