October 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Board Meeting

Monday, October 18, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Fuller Park


In attendance: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell – Vice-President, Mary Davidson – Treasurer, Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Tjody DeVaal – editor, Carolyn Dungan, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher, Jeff Gears, April Heers, Tom Steichen, Lynell Voigt

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm
  2. The August minutes were approved. The September minutes were approved with corrections.
  3. Tony Proell reported on the CEE Home Energy Audit Program. At the time of the Board meeting there were 140 registrants, 90 from Tangletown. There was a miscommunication with CEE about publicity for the event (which they generally like to organize). In any case the meeting was considered to have good numbers. Certain board members volunteered to come early and help with logistics.
  4. Mary Jane reported that she really did not have an update to the NRP Phase 2 projects. The subcommittee still needs to get together with Peg Mountin, neighborhood specialist with the NRP. Currently the group is trying to close out phase 1 projects, complete existing phase 2 projects, get started on some phase 2 projects, and formulate some brand new phase 2 projects. Mary Davidson said that she would contact Mountin seeking clarification of some issues.
  5. Mary Davidson alerted the board to a letter by a newly formed group (COIN) objecting to the transformation of NRP to the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC).
  6. Mary Jane reported that Astound Video will participate in the Business Façade Improvement Program.
  7. Tony Proell will attend the Neighborhood Policing Plan meeting on November 16. There was a discussion about what issues to raise with the group.
  8. Ryan Fisher discussed the TNA staff hire. The subcommittee needed to meet again, but the group was looking at a position on a 6-month probationary trial. There was a general discussion by the board about how to finance the position, and Ryan moved for an approval to spend a maximum of $6000 for a six month contract. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Ryan will report on the hire at the November board meeting.
  9. Tjody DeVaal reported on the newsletter. There was a financial issue with the post office, but the newsletter was sent out.
  10. Ryan reported on investigating how to get a “Nice Ride” station in Tangletown. There was no immediate response from Nice Ride, but more information would be obtained from a Nice Ride meeting to be held next month.
  11. Tony checked about bike racks. Basically if a business wants bike racks, the city will survey and decide how much they will contribute. This information will be carried in the Tangletown newsletter and a flyer will be drafted to solicit businesses. Tony will coordinate this with Tjody.
  12. Jane Elias noted that there was nothing to report about the Committee for the Arts at this time.
  13. Mary Davidson made the Treasurer’s report and indicated that she would follow up on the NRP funds as discussed earlier in the meeting.
  14. Carole Anderson was not available to give an update on Fuller Park.
  15. Bruce Bruemmer reported on the last Lake District Council Meeting. Of interest was the Park Board’s information that the Bryant Avenue pedestrian bridge had encountered unexpected conditions near the footings of the bridge, which delayed the project. The Board stated that deck would be in place at the end of November.
  16. The meeting adjourned at 8:24 pm.