October 2008

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, October 20, 2008
Fuller Park

1. President Ryan Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

2. The agenda was approved.

3. The minutes of the September meeting were not reviewed.

4. Home Tour Report Meredith Johnson reported that the 2008 Home Tour was a success brought in $370, less expenses for floral arrangements for the homeowners participating. We had the same number of people in attendance as last year, despite the cool weather and having only three homes this year. Suggestions to attract more people to offer their homes for the tour next year included advertising in the newsletter further in advance and offering a history of their house, if available.

5. Washburn High School The board heard from three speakers representing Washburn High School: Marylynn Boone, parent liaison and associate educator, Minneapolis Police Officer Antoine Beeks, who serves as a school resource officer and police liaison, and WHS principal Carol Markham-Cousins. Ms. Boone and Officer Beeks informed the board that every issue so far this year has been handled. The park police and the city police work together very efficiently in dealing with incidents in and around WHS. The main issues involve minor youth fights within the school boundaries. At sporting events, there are always four officers plus eight WHS staff members who help provide security. The officers patrol three to four blocks in all directions around the high school. There has been only one incident of tagging this year and it was cleaned up within hours. Principal Markam-Cousins said the school is very committed to being a good neighbor. She also said that they are working on cultural changes, starting with the little things. “The Wiz” school musical will include kids from local grade schools to get them thinking about WHS. Sixty percent of the staff this year is new. R.T. Rybak has recognized WHS as the most innovative high school in Minneapolis.

In response to expressed concerns about litter, trash, and smoking, Ms. Boone said that six trash cans have been ordered to be placed around the periphery of the school. The WHS parent council is being resuscitated and will meet Thursday, October 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the choir room. Bridget Hermann is the contact.

Comments and questions from board members and TNA residents: The flyers inviting neighbors to the WHA Fall Festival were well-received. Residents would like to see an increase in the connection of WHS and the neighborhood – perhaps have students help at TNA events, such as the 4th of July festival and wear their school jerseys to show their pride in their school. The TNA newsletter should have a WHS column, perhaps written by the students, telling about what’s going on at WHS. Would WHS be open to the TNA Board hosting an event for WHS to provide information about the high school, recruitment issues, soliciting volunteers to mentor, tutor, help with events, underwrite the yearbook. School leaders could be invited to the TNA meetings to discuss issues. How about a phone tree to alert neighbors to possible problems? Block leaders could get more involved.

6. Neighborhood Crime Amy Lavender, crime prevention specialist with the Minneapolis Police Department, said that crime is down 17 percent this year, possibly related to the Code Four programs. The recent rash of burglaries in Kingfield and Tangletown has been solved and a suspect is in custody. Ms. Lavender presented the “Dear John” Program to reduce car to car drug dealing and other suspicious illegal activity by making state vehicle registration information accessible.

7. NRP Tom Balcom gave an NRP update. The NRP committee needs a liaison from the TNA board to serve on the NRP Housing Sub-Committee. Mary Jane Mitchell volunteered to work on this. Tom is interested in finding ways to involve more businesses in the process. There are 34 “Slow Down” signs still available and can be picked up at Fuller Park community building.

8. Sandwich Boards Ryan Fisher announced that he has purchased two new sandwich boards for use in promoting TNA events. We will also look into obtaining the other boards from previous officers

9. Holiday Party We will plan this via email.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Present: Ryan Fisher, Meredith Johnson, Sarah Cortright, Mary Jane Mitchell, Jerry Doyle, Woody Dixon, Chris Burns
Absent: Mary Davidson
Submitted by Mary Jane Mitchell in Mary Davidson’s temporary absence