October 2007

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Meeting, Monday, October 15, 2007

Fuller Park
1. Call to Order, 7:00 PM.

2. Agenda moved and approved.

3. September minutes, posted on website, moved and approved.

4. NRP Phase II. Peg Mountin, our NRP Specialist, Lynell Voigt, NRP committee member, and Mary Davidson, Board Liason to NRP Committee, discussed the NRP plan with the Board. (Tom Balcom, NRP committee chair was not able to attend the meeting.). The Board approved the plan with some language changes to Parks and Public Places Objective 4 to respond to comments from Brette Hjelle of Public Works.
Peg told us that the amount of money available to NRP plans keeps changing, so it is good that we have not already committed to specific projects.
Our plan will go to the policy board on November 19, 2007.

The following handouts were presented:
NRP Phase II Neighborhood Action Plan Draft
Action Plan Comments
Highlights of the Phase II plan from Tom Balcom, NRP committee chair

5. The Creekside Commons meeting with the Planning Commission is tentatively scheduled for November. Sarah plans to attend in case there are questions about board procedures. Harry Kaiser asked if we intend to respond to the grievance. The board told Harry that none of us had received it. Efforts will be made to get us the grievance so that we can respond.
The issue of variances came up again. Sarah advised that the Planning Commission doesn’t need input from us in this regard.
Harry asked what the board will do should the present plan be voted down and a new proposal be made. Sarah replied that the board will attempt to be clearer in any subsequent response.

6. Meredith Johnson, chair of the Home Tour, reported that it was, as always, a success, despite misprinted guides and high temperatures. The variety of homes on the tour was a special plus. At the last moment enough volunteers showed up to staff the homes on the tour.

7. Jerry is taking the final steps to permit him to be treasurer. Meredith delivered the proceeds from the Home Tour to him at the meeting. He will be able to have a report, complete with numbers, next meeting.

8. Sarah asked the board to review our existing Bylaws before our next meeting and highlight areas that need change. The Creekside Commons controversy has shown that the existing bylaws do not provide clear or sufficient guidance to the board. We will also be looking at bylaws from other neighborhoods to help us improve ours.

9. Chris Burns volunteered to host a holiday party for the board.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM (for a change!).

Board members present: Chris Burns, Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Mary Jane Mitchell, Joe Thiegs.

No one was absent.

Prepared by Mary Davidson.