October 2006

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, October 16, 2006
7:00 P.M.
Fuller Park

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda—moved and approved
3. Approval of Minutes—September minutes moved and approved.
4. Discussion on Better Ballot Campaign — Since we were unable to decide what the point of a neighborhood endorsement was to Tangletown or the Better Ballot Campaign, the board moved to “take no action” on the matter.
5. NRP report — Tom was not able to make it to the meeting but indicated that he’s still working on recruiting more board members, and hoping to have a NRP Phase 2 meeting November 6 or 15.
As a footnote to this, it is recommended that Lynell Voigt transfer ownership of the original NRP questionaires to Tom to hold for the immediate future.
6. Treasurer’s Report — Supat was not present and Joe hasn’t spoken with him, so nothing to report.
7. Open Matters – Board Members or Members of Tangletown
A. There’s been some suspicious activity between people and cars, and cars and cars near 48th and Blaisdale Ave. recently.  Police have been notified in each instance.  Similar activity has been reported elsewhere in the neighborhood.  Remain consistent with reporting and hopefully police response will improve.
B. Nokomis Chiropractic Center is interested in setting up a booth with free massages for upcoming Tangletown events, namely 4th of July.  Board generally thought this was a good idea and might like to look in to other neighborhood services to participate as well.  Services should be free so as not to compete with Tangletown fundraising efforts.
C. Brief discussion of board holiday party.  Andrew will mail the board asking all to consider dates and possible location.  To be decided at November’s meeting.
8. Adjournment

Meredith Johnson, Andrew Hedden, Ryan Fisher, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Jerry Doyle
Not present: Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Sarah Cortright, Supat Tipayamongkol, Steve Edwards, Norman Foster
Other: Jay Linnell

2006-2007 Board
Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Steve Edwards, Ryan Fisher, Norman Foster, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Supat Tipayamongkol

Minutes by Ryan Fisher