NRP Policy Board: 2024 Election and candidate information

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), through State legislative action, created an NRP Policy Board to oversee the program and review and approve/disapprove Neighborhood Action Plans for the use of NRP funds. The State NRP Law requires that the NRP Policy Board meet quarterly. In 2020, the City of Minneapolis created the Neighborhoods 2020 Program as a new funding program for neighborhood organizations. During this process, the community, Policy Board, and City Council approved revising the Policy Board structure to increase neighborhood representation to eight neighborhood representatives (increased from the previous limit of four neighborhood representatives). On December 7, 2023, the Minneapolis City Council approved the district maps and election procedures; they updated the city ordinance to reflect these changes.

Learn more about the election procedure here.

Tangletown Neighborhood Association selected an elector, board member Steph Scott, at their January 19 board meeting. Tangletown residents age 18+, property owners, and business owners are all eligible to participate in the NRP Policy Board election by casting your vote for one district candidate and one at-large candidate. Candidate questionnaires are linked below.

Please vote before 8:00 AM on February 15. Votes will be tallied at 8:00 AM on February 15 and the candidates with the majority of votes will be provided to our neighborhood’s elector. Cast your vote here.

Candidate Questionnaires

Jon Ericcson (District 6)

Jordyn Kromminga (at-large)

Pamela Taylor-Berry (at-large)

Below is a view of all NRP Policy Board Districts. View an interactive NRP Policy Board District Map here.