November 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2023 TNA meeting:

Attendees, board members: Claire Blanchette, Pat Collins, Heather Grovum, Kellie Hanson, Pat Prochaska, Stephanie Scott, Ian Stade, Mark Tiede, Dan Treinen, and Will Young

Attendees, non-board members: Andrea Siegel and Sarah LInnes-Robinson

Called to order at 7:04

  1. Councilmember Koski:
    1. No updates
  2. Fuller Park update:
    1. No updates
  3. Secretary update:
    1. October minutes passed unanimously
  4. Treasurer update:
    1. Will purchase some WinterFest supplies
  5. Multi-Neighborhood Affordable Housing Collective:
    1. Neighborhoods have funding through Neighborhood Revitalization Program that is frequently sitting through City of Minneapolis
      1. Tangletown has reached the threshold of funds that need to be spent
      2. City is interested in neighborhoods spending the money
    2. Two potential projects to spending funding in South Minneapolis
      1. Project for Pride and Living at 3030 Nicollet (former Wells Fargo site)
        1. Ready to break ground with an approved design with 110 units
          1. People could move in within 18 months once beginning
        2. Interest rates keep going up and price gap develops right now between $300-500K
        3. Board vote of $25K less along with steps would allow PPL to take vote to the bank as a commitment letter
          1. 2 neighborhoods have each committed $25K
          2. Another neighborhood has a proposal for $100K commitment being discussed
          3. 2 other neighborhoods likely to make some contribution
          4. 4 neighborhoods are not contributing
        4. PPL hopes to close in January, so need commitments by mid-December
        5. If enough not contributed, plan would be to roll funds over to K-Mart site (below)
      2. 2024 Long Range Plan to speed up development at former K-Mart site
        1. Working together and pooling money will help find partnerships with for-profit developers who can build more quickly
        2. Is Tangletown willing to put some NRP dollars to the project
          1. Would require creating a strategy that speaks to loaning money for affordable housing
    3. Lengthy discussion about merits of contributing funds; decision to research for 2 weeks and then have an online vote by December 18
  6. MnDOT/City of Minneapolis land (Will recused himself from this portion of meeting):
    1. Will recused
    2. Attorney recommended an appreciation letter but not an appropriation letter
      1. Pat P moved for appreciation letter; Claire seconded.  Passed unanimously
  7. MFT letter
    1. Still seeking feedback because language seems to be in flux
    2. Not presented to the school board 
    3. We will not vote on the letter until provided a completed draft
  8. Executive Director contract
    1. Andrea requested raise from $35/hour to $40/hour
    2. Executive Committee met and recommended the raise
    3. Passed unanimously
  9. Committee Updates
    1. Environmental
      1. E-waste panel was October 26
        1. Will be purchasing gift certificates for attendees
      2. Resource sharing panel on November 16
        1. Above 27 attendees
      3. Fix-it Clinic will be in January at St. John’s with Hennepin County taking care of most of it but some volunteers needed
      4. Planning March event for how to get longevity out of tech devices
      5. Six sites have been approved (waiting on another) for solar
      6. Doing well with Hennepin County Green Partners grant
    2. Equity
      1. No meeting
    3. Building, Land Use, and Housing
      1. WinterFest planning ongoing
      2. Have contacted Jennifer Waisanen from MPD about possible March meeting on crime/safety
        1. Waiting for dates 
      3. Neighborhood Garage Sale will be first weekend in May
        1. Save the date announcements will start go into communications
      4. Want Councilmember Koski to get more Water Tower info and provide support to request to find location for Lyndall Mill research
      5. Doing an inventory for more utility boxes that can be wrapped
    4. Southwest Neighborhood Collaborative
      1. Still no signed contract with consultant
      2. Grant from city has been approved
  10. Executive Director Report
    1. Website needs updating and Andrea found a volunteer
    2. Committee participation seems down (including Livability and Engagement being subsumed by BLUH temporarily)
      1. Push for committee recruitment could be helpful
      2. Some money is left in communications budget for this year and for mailing/printing costs
        1. This will rollover to 2024, so no need for urgent spending
      3. Andrea will send out two notifications before committee meetings
      4. Each committee will discuss recruitment at next meeting
    3. Print newsletter will go early February before WinterFest
      1. Suggested content includes
        1. Committee info/recruitment
        2. E-waste event series
        3. Garage sale save the date
        4. Crime/safety meeting 
      2. Info needs to be in by early January
      3. December e-news will likely be a year-end recap with ask for support
      4. December board meeting/gathering
        1. Andrea will send a poll of dates
      5. January board meeting scheduled for Martin Luther King Day
        1. We’ll move to Tuesday (the next day)

Meeting adjourned at 8:48pm