November 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association November 21st 2022

Attendees: Pat Collins, Ben Levy, William Young, Emily Koski, Andrea Siegel, Michelle Ladyzhynsky, Anthony Thompson, Kyle Goldschmidt, Dan Treinen, Claire Blanchette, Ira Jourdain, Dirk Nicholson, Scott Massey, Kellie Hanson, Heather Grovum

Called to order at 7:04

  1. Councilmember Koski updates:
    1. One more weekend to get leaves picked-up.  
    2. There was a recent event for seniors that was very successful and will likely recur next year.  
    3. The next safety meeting is December 11 at 7pm at Pearl Park and Chief O’Hara will attend with an update on Operation Endeavor.  The plan is for three more meetings about public safety next year.
    4. The council is working on the budget.  One more public meeting about the budget will occur on December 6 at 6:05 at City Hall.  People can also leave public comments.
    5. Three public forums have been hosted on proposed changes to the police oversight structure.  The police oversight review and police conduct review structures are being combined.
  2. School Board Director Jourdain updates:
    1. Currently the district is following the CDC, State, and County recommendations for COVID measures and is mask-optional for all students, staff, and visitors
    2. Updated math and literacy curricula have been updated and are being rolled out over the next few years
    3. Additional mental health support is now being provided post-pandemic
    4. Currently working on budget for the next school year
    5. Search committee to hire the new superintendent is being formed and is open to all applicants in Minneapolis
    6. At some point, there will be a conversation about closing some schools within the district which will require redrawing attendance boundaries and bussing routes
  3. Secretary update
    1. Kyle Goldschmidt moved to approve October minutes; Heather Grovum seconded.  Approved unanimously.
  4. Treasurer update
    1. Came in under budget by about $5,000 mostly due to city funding
    2. Made up some of that gap in fundraising and also lower costs due to lower staff funding
  5. Committee updates
    1. Livability and engagement
      1. All new resident bags were delivered week of October 16 
      2. Winter Fest will be February 25 to hope for slightly warmer weather
        1. Food truck venders are currently being vetted
        2. Will be recruiting volunteers in December
      3. Discussing a Tangletown Thaw event
        1. Mid to late May at Fuller Park
        2. Perhaps with a band
    2. Environmental
      1. Working on a solar panel installation rebate
        1. Would be tiered based upon family household income
      2. The repowered electronics event will cost likely about $700
        1. Would like to fundraise to allow any NRP funds to go to the rebate program
    3. Equity
      1. February 9 is beyond land acknowledgement event with Native Government Center
        1. Will have suggested donations to cover cost and donate remainder to Native Government Center
    4. Building and Land Use
      1. Looking into how the costs worked for utility wraps several years ago
      2. Submitted the five intersections with the most responses in the neighborhood survey
    5. Merger Task Force
      1. Kingfield surveyed its board and they were in favor of creating an intent to merge statement
      2. Lyndale is still hesitant and requested a meeting of board members at the Tap Society from 5-630 on November 30
        1. Would like all board members present even if for only 10 minutes
        2. Will only be a social meet-and-greet with no structure
      3. It is unclear what would happen if only two associations wished to merge
  6. Executive Director
    1. Application to city for funding for the next two years was approved
      1. The primary feedback was seeking more concrete deadlines
    2. We included several asks for donations
      1. 12 donations for an average of $45 each was received 
  7. Fiscal year 2023 budget
    1. Treasurer’s duty to put together an annual budget under the bylaws
    2. Kyle Goldschmidt will put together the annual budget to get it to the Board for approval before the end of the year
  8. December 2022 meeting
    1. Normally scheduled event would be on December 19, which is the first night of Channukah
    2. Michelle Ladyzhynsky volunteered to host a potluck
      1. A date will be picked via Doodle poll
  9. Executive Director budgeting for 2023
    1. Executive committee proposed to maintain the status quo from FY 2022 rather than make changes with all of the other uncertainty
    2. Heather moved to offer Andrea a contract for 20 hours a week at $35/hour.  Kyle seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.
    3. Will Young reviewed a draft contract to offer to Andrea.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 844pm