November 2019 Board Minutes

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 18th, 2019 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Carl Arrell, Dick Fiala, Dirk Nicholson, Brenda Anderson, Brady Steigauf, Pat Collins

Board members absent: Alyssa Thull, John Dukich, Dan Williams, Brian McDonald, Bernadette Tomko, Kellie Hanson

Also present: Sally Bauer (TNA Executive Director),

Called to order: 7:05

Officer Reports:

No Quorum 

Partner Updates –

Rachel from the Fuller Park – The Park is asking for funds to pay for an updated AV system that would have a CD player, Bluetooth, and projector hookup to the speakers. This would improve the community experience at Fuller Park and the Board could potentially take advantage of the improved sound system with our own meetings, as well as to host events. Have a grant for $3,500. The remaining amount is $1,887.54 that the park is asking for to complete the project.

CM Schroeder – Thanks for doing the compost facility. City council banned conversion therapy. City is working on an inclusionary housing policy for buildings with 20+ units, declaring a climate emergency at the city, the sustainable building policy for more energy efficient buildings that receive public funding, and the social cost of carbon, and budget season. There has been a decrease in crime since school has started. 

Committee Updates:

Spaces Committee provided an update on the banner design project. The two final contenders are the traditional T design with a scene of Tangletown and the guardian design. The former is a little more classic, whereas the latter is bolder. 

Engagement Committee has been discussing having a future event at the watertower, voted to move forward with hosting WinterFest with a health and wellness aspect (salt cave, sauna, etc.), perhaps a spring pancake breakfast with the fire department, also looking at how to make the welcome bags have more content. 

Environmental Committee – Tangletown is now at 64% participation. Pat will send CM Schroeder the ice dam information on insulation. Organics facility tour went well, as did the sustainable cooking class. Applying for MetroBlooms bioswales in the neighborhood that incorporate biochar. December 7th renter outreach for organics. 

Strategic Plan Overview:

Went over the neighborhood association strategic plan, mission statement, identified weaknesses and contradictions, etc. General consensus that the strategic plan is working well.  We haven’t really talked about pedestrian safety. There are safe routes to schools funding options, etc. 

Committee Review:

Overall consensus that committees are working well at achieving goals, should keep structure with option for regular members to call in if out of town/not able to attend in person.  Goal of more promotion of committees and possibility of hosting future committee meetings at alternate locations. 

ED Report

It was determined we will do the Tangletown annual survey every other year.

December’s regular meeting will be canceled and instead we will have the annual holiday party hosted at Dick’s house.