November 2014

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 17, 2014 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Andrea Siegel, Sandra Bartsias, Lauren Anderson, Laura Silver, Karen Costello, Mary Jane Mitchell, Matt Chapman, Ryan Fisher, Eric David

Board members absent: Tony Proell, Jon Mcaab, Charlie Siftar

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal

Called to order: 7:06pm

Halloween Walking Tour Wrap-up
Six residents attended the walking tour on Thursday, October 30th. Though TNA hoped for more attendees, the weather was perfect and the family attending really loved the event. The costs came in at about $60.24. Tjody recommends TNA revisit planning next July to modify the event.

Fuller Park building improvements update
Steve communicated with the MPRB regarding TNA’s interest in boosting Fuller’s wi-fi strength, adding AC to certain spaces (particularly the gym), and making signage upgrades for the building. He is waiting to hear back from Fuller Park Interim Director Mike Fox and will bring updates to the board in coming months. Laura communicated with the Park Board’s design specialist, Kate, regarding pulverized rubber used in certain soccer fields around the city since additional research has been released on the potentially toxic nature of this substance. Thankfully, the Park Board has no plans to use this format at Fuller.

TNA Coordinator position
Steve sent final comments on the posting to the hiring committee. Ryan will contact NCR for approval and posting recommendations. Once NCR has approved the posting, the hiring committee will post the description on local websites. Applicants will send emails to

Officer reports:
Secretary’s report – a move to approve the October 2014 Minutes was made, seconded, and approved.
Treasurer’s report – Sandra reported that there have been no major changes to TNA accounts – insurance and newsletter bills were paid in the past month. The printing and design costs for the fall newsletter came to $1,280; postage was $353.10. NCR reported that it hasn’t received TNA’s 2013 Annual Report – this was previously submitted via email to NCR staff, so Ryan will follow up to clarify. The Halloween Walking Tour came in over its budget of $40, which was $60.24. Matt made a motion to amend the budget for the event to $65, which was seconded and approved.

Committee reports:
• Arts – Jane Elias submitted her resignation to the board – TNA is very thankful for Jane’s contributions over the years! Tjody also reported that there the Lynnhurst Arts & Crafts fair that possibly TNA could modify.
• Communication – The fall newsletter hit mailboxes in the past month and looked great.
• NRP – Nothing to report. The board hasn’t yet received an business façade grant application from the new pet grooming and supply business on 54th near Lyndale (across from Annunciation).
• Sustainability – The committee is planning its second annual Green Day event on Saturday, April 11th, 2015. Green Day will again feature informational tables on organics and recycling, water quality, sustainable gardening, safe biking, environmental education as well as art activities and educational workshops. The committee requests a $1700 budget to fund and promote the event, with a final amount not to exceed $2000. Ryan suggested that the Committee adds an Annual Meeting save the date to the postcard. Councilmember Quincy suggested printing these postcards concurrently with Annual Meeting postcards to save funds. A motion to approve the budget was made, seconded and approved.
• Business – Steve will follow up with Dylan and Jane about a neighborhood business listing to gauge where the project was left and how to coordinate with NEHBA’s Experience Southwest campaign.

Partner and other announcements:
Councilmember Quincy reported that the e-cigarette ordinance, which categorizes e-cigarettes in the same category as tobacco cigarettes, was passed today. The mayor’s proposed 2015 budget includes residential organics collection for an additional solid waste fee of $3.78/month for single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes. The soonest the program could be rolled out is August 2015 and the City is trying to figure out how to bill residents eligible to start organics in 2015 for only part of the calendar year as well as how create more financial incentives to drop to the smaller trash bin. The mayor’s budget presentation was held on November 12th in the neighborhood at Mayflower Church– affordable housing and bikeways were more a topic of conversation than property tax increases, which just hit mailboxes over the weekend.

The City gateway signposts are up with several errors made in the neighborhood way finding signs. Councilmember Quincy’s office has received many comments and both Ryan and Steve followed up with MNDOT regarding Tangletown’s incorrect signs. Unfortunately, MNDOT is only able to cover the backs of blank signs and will not replace incorrect signs. Councilmember Quincy will follow up with City staff about additional options.

A neighborhood bicycling group has asked to use the TNA logo (which Tjody reported is actually a piece of clip art in the public domain) on group t-shirts. The board felt comfortable with the group making use of the logo.

A neighbor has approached TNA about improving a grassy triangle at Gladstone Ave and Elmwood Place in the tangled part of the neighborhood. The strip is Park Board property and a neighborhood group had attempted to install a garden in years past, but a resident living adjacent to the triangle preferred it be left unplanted and consequently stymied the effort. TNA could revisit this in the spring pending neighborhood interest.

A neighbor contacted TNA about shoveling services for seniors and residents with disabilities. While the board doesn’t operate a program, a post on the Tangletown facebook page or next door could be a great option.

TNA Holiday party
The Board discussed holding its celebration on Monday, December 15th, potentially at La Fresca, Sun Street Breads, or Saguaro.

Adjourned: 8:19pm

Minutes submitted by Lauren Anderson, TNA Secretary