November 2012


BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, November 19, 2012 7:00 p.m.,Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President,  Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Birdie Cunningham,  Jane Elias, Mary Jane Mitchell, Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Lynell Voigt

Also present: Tom Balcom – Historian, Lance Knuckles – Community Participation Program (CPP) Specialist, Amy Lavender – Fifth Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist, Matt Perry – NEHBA President, John Quincy –  Ward 11 Council Member

1.     Call to Order 7:06

2.     Amy Lavender gave a crime update.  The recent burglaries in Tangletown have mostly been during the day and the burglars have broken in through a door or a window.  Amy offers safety consultations for a minimal cost. She can also do a presentation for an entire block of residents.  Most burglaries are committed by career burglars.  Amy clarified that the restorative justice programs are for juveniles and do not address burglars.  The police force has shrunk since 2005 from 1,100 to 800.  She encourages residents to call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

3.     Lance Knuckles gave an overview of the services that the CPP offers.  They manage NCR funds, helps neighborhood associations develop contracts to obtain funds from other sources such as the One Minneapolis fund and they partner with neighborhood associations to achieve social and cultural diversity.  There are three parts of NCR:  1) Internal Communications 2) Neighborhood Support Specialists 3) Outreach.  In response to Mary Jane’s question, Lance noted that there is no a city-wide neighborhood board member training program.

4.     John Quincy reported that the MAC meeting today included a vote on the proposed flight plans by the Noise Oversight Committee, of which John is a member.  He was the one opposing vote because he feels that there is more time and research needed.  All tracts were accepted except 30 left and 30 right.  John noted that the city budget is in the final approval phases.  There is a public meeting at city hall on 11/27.

5.     Halloween House Tour – Jeff sent out notes to the board with the positives and the potential improvements to this event.  Mary Jane noted that we could have online voting and those who vote online are entered into a prize drawing.

6.     Secretary Report – The October minutes were approved without change.

7.     Treasurer’s Report – We received our $10,000 advance from the CPP program which was deposited.  Sandra is starting the 2011 tax filing and will have it completed by the next meeting.

8.     NUSA – Amanda spoke to this at the last neighborhood summit meeting.  It was proposed that four neighborhoods unite for a bus tour. Ryan suggested that Tom Balcom does a walking tour and then participants lunch at a local restaurant.  Ryan has reached out to Tom and has not yet heard back from him.

9.     Arts Committee – Tjody will be working on the Sigh Yoga building mural.  Sigh Yoga is closing but this should not prevent the mural project from moving forward.

10.   Business Committee – Charlie and Dylan met and talked about branding the Tangletown Businesses.  They will do an outreach to different businesses as a follow up.  The meeting mainly consisted of some brainstorming.

11.   Communications Committee did not meet and there is no report.

12.   NRP Committee did not meet but Mary Jane reported on the business façade improvement projects – Jade Salon applied to improve windows, signs and lighting.  Salt Cave finally completed and sent in their application.  Boulevard Theater building manager is interested in applying.  Tangletown Bike Shop will be applying.  Ryan noted that we might be out of funds and that we should apply for more money to fund additional projects.  Mary Jane would like the application to include landscaping.

13.   Sustainability Committee – Andrea would like to be added to this committee.  Jane suggested that the Business, Wellness and Sustainability committees partner up for the Tangletown bike/walk tour in the spring or summer.  Andrea reported on a rat problem due to open composting.

14.   NEHBA – Matt reported that they have submitted a grant application for an additional $50,000 for façade improvements.  He will know in December or January if it goes through.  The winter brochure for Experience Southwest will be available the first week in December.  There will be three ads in the Southwest journal for which businesses will help pay.

16.   Fuller Park – Carol was not present but Ryan reported that the park is collecting for the Groveland Food Shelf and is also collecting knit items for youth.  On 12/21 at 6;30 at King park there will be a Gingerbread House building event.

17.   Additional Announcements – the dog park was approved.  It was noted that the Lake of the Isles park was $3.6 per square foot whereas the one will cost approximately $8.00 per square foot.  Birdie suggested that we do something with the Tangletown troll for the holidays.  It was agreed to hold the annual holiday party at Simply Jane’s on Monday December 12/17.

18.   Adjournment 9:00pm

Next Meeting: Monday, January 21, 2013 at Fuller Park.