November 2011

Minutes of November 21 TNA Board Meeting

Monday, November 21, 2011 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell –Vice President, Ryan Fisher – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Andrea Siegel, Jane Elias, Janine Allison

Also present: Matt Perry (NEHBA President), Bob Pomroy (President of LLC governing Creekside Commons), John Quincy (City Council Member)

1.     Meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

2.     The October meeting minutes were approved without change.

3.     Treasurer’s Report – Ryan reported that the NPR balance is $3,333.51  and the new NCR account beginning balance is $5,000.

4.     Bob Pomroy, President of LLC governing Creekside Commons is attending the meeting tonight as an efforts to maintain good communication with the neighborhoods surrounding the Commons.  Bob reported that the Creekside tenants are having a good experience.  The facility is at full occupancy with a six month waiting list.  This facility is permanent housing.  There is another facility at 37th and Nicollet with one year leases.  The following email address may be used for reporting any concerns regarding the Creekside Commons  Bob also mentioned that bicycle donations are welcome, especially girl’s bicycles as well as lights and helmets.

 5.     Vacancy created by Coordinator Rhea Sullivan’s departure – The committee will meet to look for a replacement. There’s a posting on the TNA website and Ryan reported that three people have expressed interest.  We have some recommendations from Rhea as well.  It was noted that it may be best to wait to hire someone until January or February after the NRP/NCR transition takes place.   

 6.     Crime Prevention Specialists – John Quincy stated that the city council is working to adjust the budget in order to keep on staff the Crime Prevention Specialists (CPS) including Amy Lavender.  Right now their positions are in jeopardy of being cut.

 7.     NRP Subcommittee report – Jane Elias reported that they are ready to proceed with the mural project and that they will begin to move forward in January after the holidays.  Matt Perry mentioned that murals are eligible also for Great Streets Improvement funds in addition to NRP funds.  Matt spoke to the fact that NRP is not ending but rather being replaced by NCR and we should see no difference other than contracts may take longer.  The TNA contract will be figured out in the beginning of 2012.  Another project that would use NRP funds is the landscaping of the water tower and Lyndale and Nicollet Avenue bridges.  This would be a partnership with Tangletown Gardens and the owner there, Scott, is very excited to implement this project. 

 8.     Halloween Haunted House Tour – All agreed that this was a successful and fun event for the community and that we foresee it growing next year to include more houses and more people taking the tours.

 9.     Matt Perry (NEHBA) – 1. The business association applied for a $50,000 grant from the City of Minneapolis for façade improvement for south of the creek.   Businesses can come to NEHBA to apply. Matt suggested that we work with Councilman Quincy to get 48th & Grand designated a commercial node so that they can get city grants.  Also 43th and Bryant is not a commercial node but probably should be.  The match from the business association is limited by the city to only “business nodes”.   2. Matt announced the holiday marketing event Experience Southwest that promotes shopping locally.  The event is being marketed via the Southwest Journal, Facebook and Twitter and lasts through the end of the year. 3. Lyndale Avenue project has lost their point person and so they are looking for a replacement to help with the survival guide and maps to help the affected businesses.

 10.  E-News – This reaches approximately 480 people and we also have 200 friends on Facebook.  It has not been determined when the next E-News will go out.

 11.  Dollar Store Lighting – Ryan reported that the neighbors are happy with the resolution.

 12.  CAC Dog Park – Tony reported that the last meeting is tomorrow night and that there is $132,500 budgeted for this project.  Matt Perry suggested in future it would be more effective to form a Community Committee to decide and plan all of these types of community projects. 

 13.  Fuller Park Update – Carole Anderson is absent and so there was no report this month.

 14.  Christmas Party – Janie Elias again offered her paint studio for the location.  It will be a potluck dinner.  The date is Monday, December 19th.

15.  Other business and announcements – Carlson Cycles appears to have closed its doors.  There is a Women’s Art Festival at Midtown YWCA on December 10th.  There is also an art show at Simply Jane’s Art Escape studio on December 9th and 10th.  Both events will host local artists.  Mary Jane spoke to the possibility of forming a Community Engagement Committee that would oversee projects like the Facebook page and welcoming new residents.  The Communications Committee will look into this at their next meeting. 

 16.  Adjourn at 8:28 p.m.