November 2004

Tangletown Neighborhood Association Agenda
Nov 15 2004

1. Officers reports- minutes, treasurer’s report
2. Neighborhood “open mike”
3. NRP Brief general update Rus
4. Old business
5. New business?
Discussion about increasing neighborhood participation.

Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
Monday, November 15, 2004

Call to order at 7:10 p.m. by President Roger Hegeman

Board Members present: Sarah Kalweit, Georgia Stephens, Roger Hegeman, Norman Foster, Lynell Voigt

Also present: Rus Thomas (NRP Coordinator), John Dybvig (Scott Benson’s Office), Suzanne Rhees (LASR-CC), Beth Elliott (Mpls CPED –Planning)

Georgia reported that we have approximately $4,458 in our account as of 10/31.
There were no minutes from previous meetings available.

John reported that LASR-CC is looking for three people from Tangletown to represent our neighborhood. The time commitment is approximately one meeting per month for a year.

Beth Elliott presented the Request For Proposals that will be put out to bid to various consultant groups. The Mayor has budgeted $100,000 for South Lyndale planning with the intention that the planning will be finished up by the end of 2005.

Sarah moved and Georgia seconded that Suzanne is reinstated as one of our three members. Passed. Suzanne agreed to find the names of two more interested people from Tangletown to join her on this committee.

Sarah moved and Lynell seconded that the Board accepts and approves the Request for Proposal. Passed

Rus nominated Amy Rowland to become a member of the NRP Steering Committee. She will be asked to come to the January meeting at which time we can vote her in. Rus also said that a neighborhood (NRP) survey will be mailed out in early January

There will not be a meeting in December.

The next meeting will be on Monday, January 17th.

Adjourn at 8:40 p.m.

Lynell Voigt