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Meet Your Sustainability Sam Neighbor Keri Diem

Many of you have asked, “Who is Sustainability Sam?”  We are two people: Andrea Siegel and Keri Diem. We introduced you to Andrea in October. This month we want to tell you a little about Keri.  

Keri has lived in Tangletown since 2013 when she and her family moved here from far distant Lynnhurst.  She has been interested in the environment and sustainability since her college days (a VERY long time ago!) when she was involved in campus efforts to begin recycling programs.  In law school, Keri took coursework on the major federal environmental laws like the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and Hazardous Waste and Superfund site clean up laws and earned a certificate in Environmental Law.  As a member of her school’s Environmental Law Clinic, she worked on a case against a landfill that was out of compliance with local and federal solid waste regulations.

More recently,  Keri has become concerned with the amount of plastic that is everywhere.  Her concerns with the amount of waste our modern lifestyles produce are what prompted her to join the Tangletown Neighborhood Association Sustainability Committee and start learning about what can be done to reduce our waste and change our consuming habits.  Last Fall, she completed the Hennepin County Master Recycler Program and is currently working to fulfill her volunteer hours commitment.  

“Working on Sustainability Sam has been so interesting and fulfilling.  I really enjoy researching answers to the questions we receive- I learn so much!  I have been actively working on making changes to my lifestyle from what I have learned from doing Sustainability Sam.  Keep the questions coming!”