May 2017

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 15, 2017 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Dan Williams, Joy Gottschalk, Kathy Kornblum, Justin Wills, Mary Jane Mitchell

Board members absent: Sandra Bartsias, Eric David, Joy Glasser, Steve Bieringer, Andrew Buss, Briana Daymont

Also Present: Brigid Riley (Interim TNA Coordinator and strategic planning consultant), Councilmember John Quincy, Rachel Hoben (Fuller Park manager), Stacy Sorenson (Minneapolis CPP/NRP contact), Aron Khoury (strategic planning committee member), and 30 other attendees

Called to order: 7:20pm

Introduction to TNA

Joy gave a short presentation about the history, mission, and purpose of the Tangletown Neighborhood Association, the sources of our funding, and the structure of the organization.  She also listed major accomplishments/initiatives since the last meeting in June 2016, which include events like the garage sale, 4th of July at Fuller Park, community leaf-raking, box wraps, organics recycling, National Night Out compostables distribution, the rain gardens partnership with Metro Blooms, the Adopt-a-Storm-Drain program, and our community partnerships with Fuller Park, the business facade grant program, LaMac cleaners conversion to non-PERC equipment, and the Ramsey Middle School sign grant.

TNA officers presented students and teachers of Ramsey (now Justice Page Middle School) with a $5,000 ceremonial check  to represent TNA’s grant in support of a new sign for the school.

Looking forward to 2017/2018, TNA will participate in Lyndale Open Streets on June 4th with a neighborhood hub near the Lyndale Ave. bridge across Minnehaha Creek.  The Lynhurst, Kenny, and Window neighborhoods are also participating due to the event’s expansion south to 54th Street.

Neighborhood historian Tom Balcom noted that he will conduct two neighborhood history events.  He will give a talk on early neighborhood history and lead a walking tour on Saturday June 20th at 10:30am starting at the Washburn Library.  He will also conduct a Preserve Minneapolis tour on June 14th starting at the Library for which there is a $10 fee.  Tom is also happy to attend neighbor-organized gatherings to speak about the neighborhood and its history.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Ryan moved to approve the April 2017 minutes.  Kathy seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Board Elections

Officers won’t be standing for election at this meeting for continuity reasons but all other board seats are open; existing board members who wish to return are running for their current seats and were asked to give a short introduction and summary of why they wish to be re-elected.  Ballots were distributed including the names of non-executives board members and space to write in new candidates from the attendees.  Mary Jane read a statement from Andrew Buss and Ryan spoke about Briana Daymont, both of whom could not attend this meeting.  Attendee Valerie Hurst nominated herself for election; she works at Hennepin County, has a background in non-profit organizations, and has been involved with Open Streets in the past.  Attendee Steve Wohlford nominated himself; he is an 18 year resident of the neighborhood and works as an architect.  Attendee Gabe Moreno nominated himself, indicating he is looking for ways to get involved and be a larger part of the community.  Rachel Hoban and Stacy Sorenson collected and tabulated ballots.

Strategic Planning

Aron Khoury introduced the strategic planning initiative. At its heart, TNA is a vehicle to address very local issues.  Strageic planning is the process that we will use to figure out what the neighborhood needs and how to address those issues.  It is an opportunity to engage on issues important to everyone in the neighborhood.

Brigid gave a short presentation on the strategic planning process and its five major components.  First, the “hearing from you” component will include a neighborhood survey, focus groups, listening sessions for residents, special interviews of key neighborhood people, and a neighborhood input meeting.  The second part, “imagining the future” will determine where we all want the neighborhood and TNA to be in the future.  Next, “what’s getting in the way” will determine what is preventing us from enabling that future, while “setting our directions” will determine what we as a neighborhood and board need to do to get where we want to be.  Finally, “focus on moving ahead” will develop concrete, actionable steps over the next two years to get there.

Brigid then conducted a short exercise for attendees, asking them to discuss four questions in small groups and then collect results as a full group.  Those questions and the results were:

What do you love about Tangledown?

The parks & Minneahaha creek, able to walk to anything, that “Tangletown” not simply a grid, the hills/trees/water, beautiful homes, very friendly, the watertower, fairly good transit access, a diversity of housing (income levels, apartments, business, etc), and diversity of people.

What would you include in 30 second commercial?

Everything from #1, small businesses, gardens, easy access to other parts of the city, little free libraries

What’s missing?

Nice ride stations, “hour cars”, a small activity park along the creek (jungle gyms, basketball, etc), community message board, community garden, nice watertower landscaping, more diversity (including housing)

What would you like to see more of?

Trash/pet waste cans in more places, community involvement, allow measured change through controlled growth, welcome resources for new residents including renters, and more diversity of small business, more corner stores

Election Results

Existing non-executive board members Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala, Andrew Buss, and Briana Daymont were re-elected; all other existing non-executive board members declined to stand for election again.  Newly nominated candidates Valerie Hurst, Steve Wohlford, and Gabe Moreno were also elected.  Continuing officers are Joy Gottschalk (president), Kathy Kornblum (vice-president), Justin Wills (treasurer), and Dan Williams (secretary).

Kathy made a motion to accept the result of the ballots, Ryan seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, none opposed, motion approved.


Gabe drew names for the raffle of organics compost kitchen bins.  Valerie Hurst, Gabe Moreno, Jessica Barth, Katie Anthony, Adam Hendrickson, and Aron Khoury won.

Adjourned: 8:29
Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary