May 2014 (Annual Meeting)

TNA Annual Meeting: Monday May 19, 2014 7:00pm Fuller Park

Board Members Present: Ryan Fisher, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Mary Jane Mitchell, Tony Proell, Jane Elias, Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny, Lauren Anderson, Eric David, Karen Costello
Guests: John Quincy, Matt Perry, Kris Stevens, Matt Chapman, Jon Mcaab, David Sommer, Todd and Kari Wilson, John and Harue Pyle, Frank Taylor, Teresa McCartny, Den Nordstrum, Suzanne Kramer, Meg Swanson, Jeffrey Niblach, Sarah Kangas, Andy Nelson, Peter Johnson, Gail and Chris Frethem, Dani Fisher, Melanie Ferris, Mary Davidson, Kathy Kornblum, Clare Tropp, Tiffany Thompson, Jennifer Ericson, Lesli Anderson, John and Jean Westberg, Holly Grimm, Dan Williams, Kristine Kvamme, Mary Moen

1. Call to order at 7:05pm
2. Welcome – Current Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board member introductions
3. Meeting overview and introduction of speakers
4. Minneapolis Zero Waste and Recycling – Kellie Kish, Recycling Coordinator at City of Minneapolis, presented on several city-wide initiatives currently underway to approach a zero waste environment. Recycling has dramatically increased since the introduction of single sort. Anticipated roll-out of city-wide organics recycling pick up is mid-2015.
5. Organics Recycling Drop-off update and training—Lauren Anderson, TNA board member, presented on the current program for southwest Minneapolis organic composting drop off. Partnership with HPDL neighborhood, initial drop off location is at Pearl Park. For the short time the program has been in place, usage has increased daily and is expected to continue. Tips were shared on how to manage organic composting collection in your home.
6. Officer Reports:
Secretary – April’s meeting minutes were APPROVED
Treasurer – Current balances: NCR account $25,488, TNA $12,717. Report APPROVED
7. Neighborhood business and events—Ryan Fisher, Tangletown Board President, reviewed currently active committees, their focus, and recent accomplishments. Including: Fuller Park memorial plaque, pool shades, Green Day event, Garage Sale, Bike racks, 4th of July Parade and Festival, Lyndale/54th Special Services District, among many other initiatives.
8. Review of responsibilities of TNA board members—Steve Bieringer, Tangletown Board Vice President, provided background on what’s involved with being a TNA board member. Reviewed time commitment, event and project engagement, and opportunity to support your neighborhood.
9. Election of new board members (3 open seats) – Ryan Fisher nominated Laura Silver who was not able to attend the meeting but had expressed interest. Call for interested parties for board seats was meet with two nominations, Matt Chapman and Jon Mcaab. As three seats were currently open and there was no objections to their nominations, Laura, Matt, and Jon were APPROVED for board membership by a vote of all neighbors in attendance.
10. City Updates – Council Member John Quincy reviewed city priorities, particularly with emphasis on equality. General updates from council actions.
11. Drawings for door prizes—Andrea Siegel and Mary Jane Mitchell drew names for 5 door prizes donated or supplied by area businesses.
12. Adjournment: Move to adjourn
8:45pm meeting adjourned