May 2013 (Annual Meeting)

ANNUAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, May 20, 2013 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher – President,  Steve Bieringer – Vice President,  Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Sandra Bartsias – Treasurer,  Lauren Anderson, Birdie Cunningham,  Jane Elias, Jeff Gears, Mary Jane Mitchell,  Tony Proell, Andrea Siegel, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny,  Lynell Voight

Also present:  Carol Anderson – Fuller Park,  John Quincy – Ward 11 Councilman, Lance Knuckles – Neighborhood Specialist,  Ralph Seivert – Director of Park Forestry for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Elise Griffin – Eco Education/WHS Urban Farm project,  25 residents

1. Call to Order 7:05

2.  The Chairman and board member Lauren Anderson provided a welcome to attendees, introductions, the meeting agenda and theme.  The theme of the annual meeting is sustainability.

3.  Ralph Sievert , Director of Park Forestry for MPRB provided a presentation on the pests that threaten our urban forest.  He provided a history on the effects of Dutch Elm disease and the current threat posed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The approaching loss of ash trees will cause a drastic change to the urban forest in Minneapolis. Because the population of EAB is increasing, the MPRB has developed a canopy replacement plan that provides for the scheduled replacement of ash trees. This proactive replacement approach allows the MPRB Forestry Department to replace the urban forest canopy with a diverse mix of tree types.

Ralph explained that waiting to remove ash trees until they become infested is not an option because the trees will die in such large numbers that it will not be possible to keep up with removal and replacement. Proactively removing trees before they die, reduces the risk of damage and injury caused by limbs falling from dead and dying ash trees.

Residents who would like to treat a boulevard ash tree adjacent to their property with insecticide, may hire a licensed and permitted tree care company.  These companies know the proper way to apply insecticides so that the treatment is performed in the safest way possible. Homeowners are required to pay for any and all treatments.

Finally, Ralph gave a prospective on the Asian long-horned beetle, a pest that is fold of maples and has been a problem on the East Coast but is moving west and has appeared as close as Chicago.

4. Elise Griffin of Eco Education updated the board on the status of the Washburn High School Urban Farm and Rooftop Bee project.  Eco Education recently met with the Interim Principal at Washburn High School as well as the Director of Facilities for the Minneapolis School District and they received confirmation that the plans were approved. In addition, they were assured that the incoming principal will be charged with supporting the sustainability of the Washburn Urban Farm project.   They are currently working to adjust the original timeline but our plan is to break ground next fall.

The TNA board’s contribution of $1,000 to the project will remain with Eco Education so that they can hit the ground running in the fall.

5.  The Chairman advised that committee reports will be suspended until the next monthly board meeting due to the

6. The Chairman advised of two vacancies existing on the board.  Eric David and Karen Costello were nominated as directors to fill the vacancies.

Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that:

Eric David and Karen Costello consent to having been received by the Board, and are hereby elected as directors of the Board to a two year term to commence immediately.

7. Ryan advised the board on the status of the TNA neighborhood survey.  Due to the low response rate and after board discussion it was decided to extend the survey deadline until after the 4th of July event where surveys will be distributed.

8. Garage Sale Wrap Up – Steve reported that the event went well even though the weather was rainy.   There were fifty-four households participating and approximately twenty households took advantage of donating their items to Bridging.

9. John Quincy – Reported that there are still some openings for the tour of the one-sort recycling facility.  He advised the board to spread the word on items that can’t be put in the recycling bins such as plastic bags and pizza boxes.     John reported that the city is working on reinstituting street cars and that the first route will run from the 46th Street/I‐35W Transit Station and Nicollet Avenue on the south, through Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, and to the Columbia Heights Transit Center on the north via Central Avenue.  A question was posed regarding the Washburn High School scoreboard.  John reported that the project was initiated without the appropriate zoning permit and thus is currently on hold.

10.  There was a drawing for a rain barrel, compost bin and a kitchen composter.

11.  Attendees were invited to gather at George and the Dragon for refreshments and social hour after the meeting.

12.  There being no further business, on motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Dungan, TNA Secretary

 Next Meeting: Monday, June 17, 2013 at Fuller Park.