May 2012 (Annual Meeting)

Monday, May 21, 2012 7:00 p.m.,Simply Jane Open Artist Studio

Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President, Tony Proell –Vice President, Ryan Fisher – Treasurer, Carolyn Dungan – Secretary, Steve Bieringer, Tjody DeVaal, Andrea Siegel, Jeff Gears,  Lynell Voigt, Jane Elias

Also present: Amanda Vallone – TNA coordinator, Matt Perry (NEHBA President), John Quincy (City Council Member), David Herberholz (Director of Division of Solid Waste & Recycling), Scott Dibble (State Senator) and various residents

  1. Call to Order 7:12
  2. Introductions
  3.  “Talking Trash” presentation by David Herberholz (Director of Division of Solid Waste & Recycling) included the following topics:  1. recent expansion to recycling for plastics and cartons 2. single stream recycling should be in place by early 2013 and should not require a rate increase 3. new requirement that yard waste be put in a compostable or reusable container 4. compost pick up is being researched.
  4. Council member John Quincy read the nomination for the winner of the Tangletown Treasure, commented on the great strides made by David Herberholz since his appointment just 3 months ago, announced that landscaping of 35W is in the works, the Gateway corridors project will commence next month, and the first multi-neighborhood association meeting will be on June 11th.  Tjody asked John about lighting on the walking bridge over the creek.  John will look into it and encouraged all to contact him with questions or issues or with help navigating the city systems.
  5. Security committee update by Jeff Gears reported recent crime statistics and recommendations for burglary prevention.
  6. NEHBA update by Matt Perry started with recognizing the numerous business owners at the meeting and then reported on the façade improvement program, Experience SW promotions, Lyndale Avenue road construction and other road construction projects to come.
  7. The April meeting minutes were approved without change.
  8. Treasurer’s Report by Ryan reported cash on hand:   CPP $5,000, NRP Checking $805.01, Tangletown Account $10,913.07.
  9. Arts committee reported on the murals project and the need for more artists, the Tangletown Arts and Crafts sale and the utility box beautification project.
  10. Communication Committee update by Lynell reported that the goals of this committee are to 1. Get email addresses 2. Get block leaders.  Also, we are always looking for more members for this committee.
  11. Garage Sale – Steve reported that he’s headed up this effort for three years.  This year showed a slight drop in the number of households that participated possibly due to Lyndale construction.  The profits from the garage sale participation fees are spent on marketing for the next year’s sales.
  12. 4th of July Event Committee update by Ryan stated that the committee is in the planning phase now and would welcome any new members to the committee and/or volunteers at the event and that if interested email the board.
  13. Newsletter update by Tjody reported that the focus has become more editorial and we are looking for residents to provide cartoons or poetry by emailing the Tangletown editor.
  14. Halloween House Tour committee update by Tjody included a presentation of the Best in Show award to resident who won.
  15. Sustainability Committee report by Mary Jane announced that this is a newly formed committee and that the board would like people to sign up for it.
  16. Board Coordinator update by Amanda reported on the CPP (Community Participation Program) and NCR (Neighborhood and Community Relations), the expansion of NEHBA to the Tangletown neighborhood and the goal of the board to expand our Facebook membership from the current 120 members to 200 members by the 4th of July.
  17. State Senator Scott Dibble reported on the redistricting project, and proposals that are currently in front of the legislature.
  18. Tjody made a motion to dedicate $75.00 to reimburse local artists for their work on the streetscape renditions.  The motion passed.
  19. Ryan made a motion to grant $500 to help pay for sending Amanda Vallone to the NUSA (Neighborhoods USA) conference.  The motion passed.
  20. Board elections – There are five open seats.  One board member, April Heers is leaving the board.  Mary Jane summarized the duties of board members.  The floor was opened for nominations for board members.  There were four nominees added to the slate: residents Doug Conway and Berdie Cunningham and business owners Charlie Siftar (Tangletown Bike Shop) and Dylan Sirny (Hwa Rang Do  Martial Arts Academy).  There was a motion to accept the slate of nominees and the motion passed.  Another nomination was made for resident Sandra Bartsias.  A motion was made to amend the slate to include this nominee and the motion passed.  The motion to approve the slate of five nominees passed unanimously.
  21. Dog Park update by Tony reported that Lyndale Farmstead Park on 38th and Dupont is the approved site and that construction is starting this summer with plans to be completed this fall.  The parking will be redesigned.
  22. Door prizes were announced by Amanda and then attendees were encouraged to meet next door at the Wise Acre restaurant for a social hour following the meeting.
  23. Adjournment 8:59pm


Next Meeting:  Annual Meeting on Monday, June 18, 2012 at Fuller Park.