May 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Annual Board Meeting, Monday, May 17, 2010

7:00 P.M.

Fuller Park


Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Chris Burns, Sarah Cortright, Tjody DeVaal – editor; Jane Elias; Ryan Fisher – President; Mary Jane Mitchell – Vice President; Tony Proell, Tom Steichen, and Lynell Voigt.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:11.

2. One item was added to the agenda and the agenda was approved.

3. The April meeting minutes were approved without change.

4. State Senator Scott Dibble and Rep. Frank Hornstein reviewed the recently concluded legislative session.  Among the items mentioned were successful actions on composting projects, licenses for food carts, transportation, Minneapolis’ pensions, and tobacco products ban.  Both exhorted constituents to call or write with concerns.  Their web sites are at and

5. Brian Elliot from U.S. Congressman Ellison’s office followed with an update of Federal legislation relating to health care, the environment, credit card reform and a jobs bill.  He welcomed any input from constituents and said the best way to contact his office is through the phone at 612-522-1212.

6. City Councilmember John Quincy gave an update of city issues relating to public safety, schools, transportation, and road construction in his ward. He reminded the Board that he has a newsletter available at and can be contacted at 612-673-2211.

7. Amy Lavender, Minneapolis Police Dept., gave a crime and safety update of the neighborhood and noted an uptick in theft at Washburn High School, largely attributed to students bringing expensive items to school (phones, mp3 players, etc.).  One member asked about reporting of small crimes, and Amy asked that people report thefts and such at 311 or at .  If a squad car is needed, always call 911.

8. Marylynn Boone and Linda Conley gave an update of Washburn High School neighborhood issues.  They have focused on trash, talked to neighborhood merchants, and are bridging with others schools.  They were interested in hearing from the neighborhood how the school is doing.  Urged people to call the main number (612-668-3400) and ask for Marylynn.

9.      Ryan read an update to the Creekside Commons project, which is expected to be completed in August.

10.      Tony Proell reported on the CEE Home Energy Audit Program and Ryan and Tony will work on a proposal for an energy workshop in August.  Other neighborhoods have seen participation of about 100-200 so TNA will be expected to generate interest in the energy program.  There is a fee for participation (~$30), but the value of the program is estimated at about $400.

11.     Ryan reviewed NRP projects undertaken by TNA for the benefit of people attending the annual meeting for the first time.

12.     Ryan noted that there were five position open on the board; ten Board members were returning.  April Heers, Jeff Gears, and Carolyn Dungan were nominated and the entire slate unanimously elected.

13.     Mary Jane Mitchell was nominated for president with Ryan stepping down.  Her election was passed unanimously.  With Mary Jane now president, Tony Proell was nominated for vice president.  His election was passed unanimously.  Mary Davidson continues as Treasurer and Bruce Bruemmer as Secretary; both were elected unanimously.

14.     Steve reported on a successful Tangletown garage sale.  There was discussion about moving the date next year and Ryan suggested that discussion be tabled until the event was closer to planning.

15.     The subcommittee for the Tangletown 4th of July event had not yet met although there was a call for volunteers and a follow up email would be sent out before the next TNA meeting.

16.      Tjody reported on a new item, the BLEND award (see, a southwest Minneapolis beautification project.  Steve and Tjody are judges fro the event, and the group requested funds from the neighborhoods for mailing expenses.  Ryan moved that TNA support the award up to $100.  The motion passed unanimously.

17.     The Tangletown staffing update was tabled to the June meeting because of time.

18.     Tjody, Jane, and Mary Jane reported on progress over the Tangletown brochure/Welcome packet.  There was a discussion about whether to include home businesses and businesses across the street from Tangletown boundaries.  The general feeling was to include business bordering the TNA, but go no further; this discussion will be continued a the next meeting when Tjody has a mock-up of the brochure.  Tjody asked about quantity and Ryan suggested that we double the quantity produced for the newsletter.

19.     There was no Treasurer’s update.

20.     Carole Anderson updated the board on Fuller Park activities, include the June 10 ice cream social and July 10 blood drive.

21.     Announcements: Ryan thanked Sarah Cortright, Chris Burns and Dick Fiala for their past service on the board. Matt Perry updated the board on a new grant received by the Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association ( Scott Brooks introduced himself; he is running for State representative for district 60B.

21.     The meeting was adjourned at 8:59 pm.