May 2007

Minutes [Changes to Draft shown in BOLD]
Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, May 21, 2007

7:00 P.M. Fuller Park

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda. Item #4 deferred to future meeting. Amended agenda approved.

3. Approval of Minutes. Posted on the website. Moved and approved.

4. Assistant Principal Jay Alexander, Washburn High School (DEFERRED)

5. Election of board for 2007-2008. A number of existing members (Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Joe Thiegs) have expressed interest in serving in 2007-2008. Up to 15 members can be on the Board. In addition, nominations from the floor were made for Mary Jane Mitchell, Kerry Bachman, Chris Burns. The existing and three proposed members were elected for 2007-2008 by the TNA Annual Meeting.

6. Development plans of Mayflower Church The main part of the meeting consisted on a presentation by the Mayflower Church on the proposed housing project at 54th and Stevens, adjacent to the church itself. The developer is Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation. The Foundation has developed a number of recent projects, including Lydia in Stevens Square neighborhood. We [the Foundation] believe well managed affordable housing can be an asset to the neighborhood.
The project will apply to the city on July 6th for city approval. As part of that process, the neighborhood association will be asked to respond and give feedback on the project. It is anticipated that some adjustments in zoning will be requested from the city.
Reverend Sarah Campbell explained how Mayflower Church came to propose this project. The Church [she said] is completely committed to this community and neighborhood. The church has been deliberating for two years on what to do with its lots and who to partner with on a housing project.
Urban Works architects explained the concept for the project. The existing single family house would be replaced with an “L” shaped building of 3 and one half stories with 40 units, mostly for families. A planner from the city of Minneapolis, Amanda Arnold, explained how the development process will work, involving both rent assistance and zoning changes. The project has not submitted an application yet. The Planning Commission will be provided a staff recommendation on any chances to zoning or on any application for conditional use permits. Staff will make findings related to the project’s compliance with the city’s comprehensive plan. Any rezonings or appeals would go to the city council.

Photo 14Photo 16Photo 15

Left: attendance Middle: architect explaining design Right: Board members

Questions were asked about how appeals can be made and how neighborhood comments are integrated into the process. Current zoning is single family.
Council member Scott Benson added that a traffic study has already been requested. A question was asked about how water runoff issues in this area will be addressed if a larger building is put on a grass site. The architects said they will be required to address this issue in the design process. Council member Scott Benson explained how his office can help provide information on the project approval process. He also noted that Mn/DOT will be holding a public meeting this week on the 35W/Crosstown project.

There was a question and answer period between people attending the meeting and the presenters. Many questions were raised with concerns about aspects of the project or its overall scope and scale. Comments were also made in favor of the project. Detailed notes were not taken of this part of the meeting since the minute taker had to leave. Many of the issues raised can be found in the June minutes that will be posted on this web site. Summary notes of the remainder of the meeting follow:

Mayflower and the developer will respond to questions from the May meeting or submitted by email at next month’s meeting [see June minutes].

Brian Elliot, District Director from Congressman Keith Ellison’s office presented an office update. Their office is located at Penn and Plymouth Ave. North in the Minneapolis Urban League Building. They have 6 full-time staff who focus on getting constituents in touch with resources revolving around federal government issues. Keith Ellison serves on the Financial Services Committee as well as the Judiciary Committee. His focuses are on peace, sustainability/environmental justice, human/civil rights, voting rights, and prosperity for working families. The office can be reached at 612-522-1212 or online at

7. Open Matters – Board Members or Members of Tangletown

Tom Balcom gave gave a follow up on the All About Family program held April 21. He brought the completed lego watertower model which is hoped to be put on display at the Washburn library once a plastic case is built for it. About 14 children and 5 adults showed up for the event which was enjoyable and well run. –Footnote: Tom mentioned that he has learned that the city in fact no longer uses the watertower at all.

4th of July update: Laura has secured volunteers to head up the following: posters, inflatable slide, root beer, sno cones, and a pot luck. 2 bands have committed. Steve is going to take on the raffle again this year, and Ryan is going to work on getting the hot dog vendor to return else find an applicable substitute. It should be noted that this event will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather (rain).

8. Adjournment

Attendance: Sarah Cortright, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Norman Foster, Andrew Hedden, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Supat Tipayamongkol.

Not present: Mary Davidson, Steve Edwards, Meredith Johnson,

2006-2007 Board
Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Steve Edwards, Ryan Fisher, Norman Foster, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Supat Tipayamongkol.

Approved with direction for changes at June 2007 meeting.