March 2016

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, March 21, 2016 ­ 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Eric David, Lauren Anderson, Andrew Buss, Andrea Siegel, Karen

Costello, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Joy Gottschalk, Virgil Petrie, Ryan Fisher, Dick Fiala

Board members absent: Dylan Sirny, Mary Jane Mitchell, Laura Silver

Also present: Councilmember John Quincy, Tjody deVaal, Susan Kline (a new resident)

Called to order: 7:04pm

Spring Newsletter

The newsletter needs to go to the printer on April 4th to be mailed by our goal of April 15th. This means all content

from board members should be sent to Tjody by March 28th. The annual meeting should be prominently featured

and the topic will be water quality. Andrea has contacted the Minneapolis water department asking if they would be

interested in speaking but hasn’t heard back yet.

Tjody reported that we have three submissions for the photo contest started a few months ago and hopes we will

receive more; the board will judge the entries before the annual meeting, and one option for the winning entry could

be a framed print of the photo. Virgil will check on framing costs.

Steve will also reach out to Sarah Cedardblade at Fuller Park for an update. The Washburn High School Green

Team also sent email to the board about fund­raising for hand dryers and this would be great to include. Mary­Jane

will write a list­of­events article, Steve will do a garage sale event update, and Ryan will write copy for the 4th of

July event article. Lauren suggested pulling out the 4th of July volunteer request from the event article for more

visiblity. We have also discussed providing compostable supplies for National Night Out block parties, and the 4th

of July newsletter article could add a sentence about these supplies, which block leaders could pick up at 4th of July


Tjody suggested a short article about TNA Board elections since that always seems a surprise at the meeting, and

requested that board members send a photo and a quote about what serving on the board has meant to them.

TNA Budget Review and Proposal

Sandra updated the CPP contract budget based on proposals from mid­2015 brainstorming meeting. Proposed

budget for 2016 is $72,782.56 if many of the additional ideas from the brainstorming meeting are included, and even

if not all of that is spent it can be rolled over to 2017 as long as it is allocated. Steve moved to approve, Karen

seconded. Voice vote, motion carried.

Eureka Zero­Waste Buying Co­Op

Dan suggested purchasing compostable supplies from the Eureka Recycling Zero­Waste Buying Co­Op to stockpile

for TNA events. Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase these supplies is April 15th and that is too soon to estimate

how much would be required and get board approval. We’ll investigate next year.

Schedules are too short for the co­op (by April 15th) so not this year.

Garage Sale

The garage sales event will be held on May 6th and 7th this year. Steve and Eric will handle putting up signs and

online awareness on Facebook, Nexdoor, etc. Steve will present budget at April meeting.

Annual Meeting – May 16th

We will contact Hector Ruiz (Cafe Ena) to cater food again. Door prizes could include reusable metal water bottles

to go with the water theme; Virgil has laser engraving equipment and can engrave metal water bottles. Andrea

proposed a budget of $1,200 for food, postcards, prizes, signage. Lauren seconded. Voice vote; motion carried.

Councilmember Quincy offered to help get a response from the city water department. We will also invite

Councilmember Quincy and Parks Boardmember Born to speak. Councilmember Quincy also suggested Marion

Greene from county commission if we need more speakers; Mary­Jane has contact information for her.

th of July @ Fuller Park


We would like to purchase bicycle bells from Charlie’s Bike Shop for the children’s parade and help install them on

bikes in honor of Charlie. Sandra has been trying to get Washburn students to participate (perhaps to lead the 4th of

July parade) and met with Jeremy from the Washburn Foundation but he indicated this couldn’t be done through the

Foundation. Instead, Sandra is looking for other contacts at Washburn. Lauren suggested using connections from

the Organics Recycling kick­off to involve students instead.

In honor of Charlie Siftar, Karen suggested commissioning the owner of Color Wheel to design a Tangletown

artwork depicting businesses at the 48th and Grand node and then donate the original to Charlie’s Bike Shop. Karen

will get an estimate.

Ryan will organize the 4th of July event committee. Sandra sent contacted the Roe Family Singers to book them for

entertainment but has not yet received a reply. They had previous said they were interested so she will try again.

Officer Reports:

Secretary – A motion to approve the February 2016 minutes was made, seconded and approved. A motion to

approve January 2016 minutes (unapproved in February due to lack of quorum) was made, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer – Sandra will work on 2015 CPP contract expenses refund, but needs the 2016 budget submission first.

The NCR account has $13,430.29 and the Tangletown account has $18,441.61; this does not include expenses from

Organics Recycling Kick­off event. Also, TNA doesn’t have a Minnesota Tax ID number which more vendors are

requiring for state sales tax exemption. Sandra had previously started the process but when TNA got non­profit

status TNA’s name changed and that requires extra documentation to receive the Tax ID. Sandra will find the

previous papers and bring them to Abby. Sandra also needs expenses before May 31 when our fiscal year ends.

Neighborhood Priorities Status / Committee Reports

Fuller Park (Steve, Virgil): no status at this time

Board Development (Karen, Andrew, Dick): no status at this time

Utility Box Wraps (Dan, Andrea): we have re­photographed and re­measured all traffic signal boxes in Tangletown

and will submit this list to the city by the April 8th deadline for pre­verification that the boxes are actually city-
owned boxes. We will focus on the 50th and Lyndale and 52nd and Lyndale boxes first and will solicit a professional

photographer to provide pictures for them.

Sustainability/Green Team (Lauren, Joy): the March 19th Organics Recycling Kickoff event drew about 215

residents and children, including about 100 adults from Tangletown. Joy requested adding more prominent links for

Organics on the TNA website homepage since the rollout is iminent. However, the website committee is trying to

reduce maintenance burden by keeping homepage cleaner and not continuously updating it, but agreed that specific

events could be hilighted.

Website/Communications (Eric, Dylan, Ryan, Laura): no updates at this time

School Relationships (Mary Jane, Sandra): Sandra met with Washburn Foundation personnel and determined that

we may need to pursue other avenues to increase student participation in Tangletown activities.

Coordinator Report

Abby is looking for a storage unit and will present a proposal at the next meeting. The Board requested one as close

as possible to Tangletown. Abby will also propose a budget for signage. Lauren suggested asking Tjody to design

them. Joy noted that Banners­to­Go was great to work with for the Organics Kick­off event and their prices were

very competitive for the Organics lawn­signs and large Tangletown map.

Partner and Other Announcements

John Quincy mentioned that the Community Connections conference coming up and requested participation from

Tangletown board members.

Adjourned: 9:00pm

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary