March 2011




MONDAY, March 22, 2011

7:00 P.M.


Board members present: Mary Jane Mitchell – President,  Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Steve Bieringer, Tjody DeVaal, Carolyn Dungan, Jane Elias, Ryan Fisher, Jeff Gears,  Tom Steichen, Lynell Voigt.  Also present: Rhea Sullivan and Carole Anderson.


1. Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

2. February meeting minutes were posted on the web site and approved.

3. Mary Davidson was not in attendance, but Rhea read a list of recently disbursed checks.

4.  Amy Lavender of the Minneapolis Police Department reported on neighborhood safety.  She distributed a handout on recent crimes in the neighborhood and discussed each item.  Also on the handout was a list of blocks in need of a block captain, and she noted the next block training for the 5th precinct will occur on April 20.  She also noted that she provide burglary training and can be contacted at

5. Brian Kelley of All About Family described his Lego(TM) projects and was interested in conducting another activity session.  He often partners with parks and other groups and costs about $300 per activity.  His website is at

6. NRP Subcommittee report (Ryan, April, MJ, Jane & Rhea) – Rhea noted a meeting of the subcommittee and progress relating to planning for TNA’s application for Community Participation Program funding. She reviewed the Notice of Tangletown NRP Plan Modification for a total of $83,291.56 moving Phase I funds to Phase II. Ryan noted that no inquiries or comments were received from the posting.  The plan was moved and seconded and passed unanimously by the Board and the community present. Also submitted was a project funding request entitled “Tangletown Phase II Neighborhood Action Place: Scope of Services for Business Directory” which assigned $3,466 of phase II monies for the Tangletown Business Directory from D.2.1.1 funds.  The funding request was moved and seconded and passed unanimously.

7. Rhea gave an update on funds for tree planting at Fuller Park.  There were five trees scheduled to be planted at a cost of $500.  We have $2000 in this fund, which includes donated monies. The Board will extend the contract for five years to allow for a gradual tree plantings.

8. Mary Jane reported that a member and alternative needs to be sent to the NCEC elections on April 16th. No one was interested so Ryan volunteered.

9. Communications Subcommittee report (Rhea, Lynell, Kay Quinn, Tjody, & MJ) – Mary Jane reported that the subcommittee had not met since the last Board meeting, but that they wanted to gather electronic mail addresses of residents.  This will be done through a service and a newsletter article.  Rhea commented that the subcommittee would like to make the newsletter available for distribution electronically.

10. Tjody reported on the newsletter, which is scheduled to go to the printer on April 1.  A discussion ensued about articles, assignments were made, and Tjody entreated the writers to turn these in by Thursday at the latest.  TNA will continue to send this out via bulk mailing.

11. Steve reported on the Annual Garage Sale, which will be held May 6-7. He urged the Board to invest in additional signage and was assigned to investigate

12. Carole Anderson gave an update on activities at Fuller Park and affiliated sites, noting the teen night activity, plans for Earth Day (April 16) and honors to Peter Rabbit, egg hunts, and bunny brunches at King Park on April 1.

13. Mary Jane discussed plans for the TNA Annual Meeting in May. Rhea noted that food is often used to entice attendance.

14. Mary Jane noted the Minneapolis Budget and Taxes Meeting with Mayor Rybeck and Council Member Quincy on March 30 at Mayflower Church from 6:30 to 8pm.

15. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.