March 2010

Tangletown Neighborhood Association

Regular Board Meeting, Monday, March 15, 2010

7:00 P.M.

Fuller Park


Board members present: Steve Bieringer, Bruce Bruemmer – Secretary, Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson – Treasurer, Tjody DeVaal – editor, Ryan Fisher – President, Mary Jane Mitchell – Vice President, Tony Proell, and Lynell Voigt.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.
  2. The agenda was approved
  3. The January and February meeting minutes were approved without changes.
  4. Amy Lavender was unable to attend. Ryan gave a neighborhood safety update. He noted that block leader training would be held on April 28.
  5. Mary Jane reported on the Tangletown garage sale. She needed someone to help collect money; the sequence of the sale was that Tom Balcom would make a map of the sales and these would be available during the event. However, most will get the map from the website. We have 50-60 particiapnts for the sale. She would update at the April meeting.
  6. Ryan led a discussion of the 4th of July event. He will not be in town; Mary Davidson would help coordinate. We are looking for more involvement from local businesses. The group reviewed concessions and entertainment. All board members available are expected to help.
  7. Tjody presented plans for the Spring newsletter. We want the newsletter out with enough time to allow registration for the garage sale. Articles need to be wrapped up by April 1 and get a proof to members by mid-April. It should be out at least a week before the garage sale deadline.
  8. Ryan reported on the District 2 Neighborhood Leaders meeting. The meeting offered many ideas for improving TNA communication and organization, including a facebook page, staffing, and recruiting board membership.
  9. Mary Jane updated the group on the NRP business façade improvement program update. Central Auto is participating, and an article will appear in the newsletter.
  10. Tom Balcom was not available to report on other NRP Phase 2 projects update. Ryan reported on progress with the improvement to the water tower.
  11. Jane and Mary Jane reported on the Tangletown brochure/Welcome packet. The goal is to have it available by the TNA annual meeting. They were modeling it after other brochures produced by other neighborhood associations. There was a discussion about including coupons from neighborhood businesses. Ryan would check if their can be unpaid advertising in the TNA brochure.
  12. Mary gave a Treasurer’s update. Some donations were received, including one from the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation. NRP funds amount to over $18,000 and regular funds over $6,000. We still have plans to conduct an audit of the TNA finances, although this is not required.
  13. The request for TNA to endorse the Tobacco-free Minneapolis Parks resolution still required more information. Ryan will ask for more specifics from the group propsing the resolution and Bruce will check to see if the park board had taken any action.
  14. Carole Anderson was not available for an update on Fuller Park activities. Ryan had some information on the ice cream social and other events.
  15. A number of announcements were included. Kim from Councilmember Quincy’s office described issues relating to Nicollet Avenue. The Board decided to submit a letter to urge the city to accelerate the schedule to repair Nicollet. The HandyWorks program of the Minneapolis Council of Churches was discussed and information will appear in the newsletter (see ). Mary Jane called attention to the CEEE home energy assessments (see and Tony said that he would find out more information. Mary Jane noted that tours would be offered of Creekside Commons April 4-5.
  16. The meeting adjourned at 8:30.