March 2007

Minutes Draft
Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, March 19, 2007
7:00 P.M. Fuller Park

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda. Moved and seconded. Approved.

3. Approval of Minutes from February 2007. Moved and seconded. Approved.

4. NRP Report — Group will be meeting March 20 and again April 10. By mid-April they hope to determine action strategies. They’ve had guest speakers come in to discuss potential initiatives. 70% of this NRP funding will be dedicated to Housing improvements. South High School held their Housing Fair last week, and Southwest High School will have theirs this coming Saturday. The Housing Fairs are good opportunities to see what other NRP groups are doing with funding. TNA NRP home loans will likely be advertised in TNA Newsletter and perhaps the Southwest Journal. As loans are repaid to NRP those funds do not necessary need to be dedicated to Housing initiatives.

5. Treasurers Report — Supat was out of the country

6. Upcoming Events — TNA Newsletter stories must be submitted by 3/20. Mary Davidson will submit information regarding Earth Day Clean Up (4/21) (see below). This newsletter would also be a good chance to solicit volunteers for the 4th of July event. The newsletter will be printed this week.

The TNA Garage Sale is scheduled for the weekend of May 4th and 5th.

7. Open Matters – Board Members or Members of Tangletown
Earth Day Cleanup will take place 4/21 9:30-noon. Meet at Lynhurst Community Center where cleanup supplies will be provided. Area of focus will be the creek extending in both directions from the Community Center. Mary Davidson has volunteered to assist with the program by hanging posters at Tangletown area businesses. A listing will also be made in the TNA Newsletter.

All In The Family will hold their Lego Project on Saturday 4/21 in the afternoon. Since meeting at the library means food cannot be served, the group will pursue Fuller Park as the event location and provide pizza for attendees. There is a minimal fee for use of Fuller Park on that day. Since Phase 1 NRP fund status is unknown this event will be paid for using TNA funds.

8. Adjournment. Moved and seconded. Approved.

Mary Davidson, Joe Thiegs, Jerry Doyle, Ryan Fisher, Andrew Hedden,

Not present: Steve Edwards, Norman Foster, Sarah Cortright, Meredith Johnson, Laura Silver, Supat Tipayamongkol

2006-2007 Board
Sarah Cortright, Mary Davidson, Jerry Doyle, Steve Edwards, Ryan Fisher, Norman Foster, Andrew Hedden, Meredith Johnson, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Supat Tipayamongkol.

Approved April 16th.