March 2006

Tangletown Neighborhood Association
Regular Meeting, Monday, March 20, 2006
7:00 P.M.
Fuller Park

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Agenda. Moved and approved.
4. Approval of Minutes. Moved and approved.
5. Treasurer’s Report. Grant received that helps fund Newsletter production.

6. City Council Report – Councilmember Benson staff: John Dybvig
South Lyndale Corridor Master Plan document has now been released. Group of 4 neighborhoods has been meeting for about four years, and intensively over the last year. Suzanne Rhees and Eric Erickson have been part of the group for Tangletown Neighborhood. Next major step would be rerouting of TH 121, moved eastward towards Bachmann’s. The City is trying to move forward the road changes. See “Adopted South Lyndale Master Plan” at following web page: for the Lyndale Ave Master Plan
Lyndale Avenue reconstruction by Hennepin County will begin next year and the bridge over Minnehaha will be reconstructed as part of that project.

7. 325 W. 50th St.– Zoning Issue
Blaine King presented a request to add 3 foot 8 inches to a residence. Moved and seconded to send a letter to the City with no objection to the request. Approved.

8. NRP – Steering Committee Search – Pam’s Final Report
Pam Taylor has taken another job out of state and will no longer be staff for the NRP effort. Steve Edwards reported that there is a good prospect that might be suitable as a replacement. Mary Davidson noted that we need to be clearer about our NRP activities and what we expect and need to move forward on.

9. NRP Check Book Update
Moved to relieve current NRP Treasurers of their duties and thank them for their efforts during Phase 1. Seconded. Approved. The Board will be looking for new Treasurers to serve for NRP Phase 2. Moved to have Supat Tipayamongkol, TNA Treasurer, and Steve Edwards, TNA Chair, act as interim signatories on the account until permanent Treasurers are appointed by TNA. Seconded. Approved.

10. Garage Sale
May 5th and 6th. Catalina Chadbourn is working with the Southwest Journal and Star Tribune on advertising.

11. Open Matters – Board Members
Andrew Hedden and some other board members attended a recent meeting on Bus Rapid Transit on I35W. Spring newsletter will be mailed out in the next few weeks.

12. Open Matters – Members of Tangletown

13. Upcoming Events
Planning meeting for July 4th is scheduled for Monday, April 10th at the 46th & Nicollet Caribou Coffee at 7pm

13. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 7.50pm

Attended (Board): Catalina Chadbourn, Mary Davidson, Steve Edwards, Norman Foster, Andrew Hedden, Laura Silver, Joe Thiegs, Peter Timmons, Supat Tipayamongkol, Lynell Voigt; Will Not Be Able to Attend–Joe Thiegs
Also attended: John Dybig, Council Member Benson’s office, Megan McManus, Amanda Hane, Eric Erickson (LASR-CC), Blaine King