March 2005

1. New hire for Rus Thomas position. It is the responsibility of the TNA board to recruit and hire for this position although the funding is actually part of the NRP budget.
2. Procedures and responsibilities for retrieving mail, voice mail, etc. in the absence of staff support.
3. NRP survey report. Ed Wunsch will attend to provide preliminary feedback on the surveys and answer questions regarding process. He also would like volunteers for an April survey tabulation meeting.
4. – Web site progress report from Norman Foster.
5. Scheduling of pre-event planning meetings for May garage sale (if needed) and July 4th.

March 22, 2005

Call to order: 7:05 p.m.

Minutes & Financial Report
February minutes are approved unanimously.

Roger Hegeman reported that there were no transactions and the balance is unchanged since the February meeting.

NRP Coordinator Position
Roger Hegeman reported that a staff person is not a requirement for a neighborhood organization, but board agreed it is necessary.

Ed Wunsch & Perry Smaglik of NRP Steering Committee recommended that TNA create a committee to formulate a job description. It was agreed that this adhoc personnel committee would consist of two board members, Roger Hegeman and Norman Foster and two members of NRP steering committee, Ed Wunsch and Perry Smaglik. They will convene at the next steering committee meeting on April 4.

Administration money still exists in NRP Phase I budget – enough to pay coordinator until approximately March 2006. The coordinator is a contract position, is paid through NRP. This position most recently paid $25/hour.

Interim Procedures while no NRP Coordinator is on staff:
Mail retrieval: Roger Hegeman, Catalina Chadbourn and Georgia Stephens will share responsibility for retrieving mail from post office box.

Voice mail: Karen Larson will monitor messages left on the Tangletown voice mail number.

NRP Survey

Surveys are being tallied and some areas of interest among residents being identified include traffic, noise, litter, graffiti, maintenance of rental property, park programming for kids, police presence, Ramsey enhancements, etc.

70% of Phase II NRP funds will be required to go towards housing, TNA will have very little discretionary NRP dollars in Phase II.

Lynell Voigt volunteered to help the steering committee tally surveys. update
Norman Foster reported that is current and up and running.
He is working on getting back up. He’s been working through some issues from when this site was established under a former board member’s name.

Roger Hegeman reported that John Dybvig from Council Member Benson’s office will provide a link to the city site for Tangletown’s site.

Norman plans to post the Tangletown Garage Sale maps on the site.

Garage Sale Update
Sarah Kalweit reported that the sale will be advertised in the Star Tribune but that the Southwest Journal ad is cost prohibitive – she recommended that we skip the SWJ and explore other alternative newspapers. Georgia Stephens will check into The Pulse for rates and ad deadlines.

Publicity for the sale will include newspaper advertising, posters in neighborhood businesses/the park, and signs at the major intersections of Tangletown. Purchasing or having sandwich boards was discussed. Sarah will call about having them made and get pricing on ready-made boards.

The sale will also be publicized on the web site.

A meeting will be held shortly before the sale to finalize distribution of maps, signage, etc.

A motion was made to spend up to $500 on publicizing the 2005 Tangletown Garage Sale. Motion carries unanimously.

July 4 Event Update

The next planning meeting will be on Monday, April 11 at 7 p.m. at Caribou at 46th and Nicollet. Karen Larson will send this info via e-mail to the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25

Submitted by
Karen Larson
TNA Secretary