Maps Illustrating Systematic Racism in our City

As part of the Equity Committee research into understanding of systemic issues of segregation in Minneapolis, member Nancy Hamilton Britt shares the following resources:

From StreetsMN, “Map Monday: Two Maps Showing Minneapolis Racial Segregation

The first map, from UMN Institute for Metropolitan Opportunity, is based on the 2010 Census and is titled “City of Minneapolis Percentage Non-White Population by Census Block, 2010.”

“In a blog post on the map, researcher Will Stancil writes:

Predominantly nonwhite communities form two distinct ‘blobs’ on the map that grow and change over time. The dynamics of segregation — both the inability of nonwhite residents to find housing outside of racially concentrated areas, and the tendency of white residents to flee from an area as it racially transitions — ensures these “blobs” remain coherent and well-defined on the map, even as the city’s nonwhite population grows rapidly.”

The second map is from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA). This map,”Minneapolis Racial & Ethnic Diversity Index (2015)”, delineates racially and ethnically balanced areas with areas having a single dominant group.

More maps, insights, and data are available here. Additional resources are available from CURA.

To look closer, Free the Deeds is working to enlighten communities about Racial Covenants. These historic Covenants were written into development to restrict property ownership and in many cases they have not been removed from regulations (although they are no longer enforceable). Visit the Free the Deeds website to research parcels and learn how you can support equity in homeownership. Additional information can be found about racial covenants through the Mapping Prejudice Project.