Mapping Prejudice Workshop

Wednesday January 13 7:00pm

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Structural barriers stopped many people who were not white from buying property and building wealth for most of the last century. In Minneapolis, these restrictions served as powerful obstacles for people of color seeking safe and affordable housing. They also limited access to community resources like parks and schools. Racial covenants dovetailed with redlining and predatory lending practices to depress homeownership rates for African Americans. Contemporary white residents of Minneapolis like to think their city never had formal segregation. But racial covenants did the work of Jim Crow in northern cities like Minneapolis. Mapping Prejudice is an initiative created to shed new light on these historic practices in the Twin Cities. We cannot address the inequities of the present without an understanding of the past.

Join Director of Mapping Prejudice and Tangletown resident Kirsten Delegard as she narrates this history and describes the innovative methodologies used in Mapping Prejudice’s work. Together we will explore the question of next steps to address the damage wrought by these policies. 

This event is being cohosted by Tangletown Neighborhood Association, Kingfield Neighborhood Association and Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association. Understanding the historic inequities in our communities can help us better develop policies and programs to address them. This includes current conversations that our three neighborhood associations are holding around the creation of a joint neighborhood, or corridor, Development Scorecard based off an Equity Scorecard created by the Alliance of Metropolitan Stability.You do not need 

This free event will be hosted on Zoom, please register here to receive the virtual meeting link. You do not need to live in Tangletown, Kingfield, or Lowry Hill East to attend.