June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Tangletown Neighborhood Association June 20th 2022

In attendance: Andrea Siegel, Kellie Hanson, Scott Massey, Dirk Nicholson, Dan Treinen, Will Young, Michelle Ladyzhynski, Claire Blanchette, Richard Harris, Ben Levy, Kyle Goldschmidt

Call to order 7:06pm by Kellie Hanson

Financial Report

New Business
Elect Executive Committee members. Scott moves to approve Pat Collins as President, Dirk seconds, all in favor, motion approved. Dirk moves to elect Kelly Hanson as vice president, Heather seconds, all in favor, motion approved. Heather moves to approve Will Young as secretary, Dirk seconds. Dirk moves to approve Kyle Goldschmidt as treasurer, Claire seconds, all in favor motion approved. Volunteers for editor include Dan Treinen, Will Young, and Claire Blanchette, Scott will continue to serve as grant administrator.

New nomination of board member Anthony Thompson, Dirk moves, Heather seconds

Linden Hills technology share for hybrid meeting technology. Next steps, vote to approve the funding. Committees can decide to meet in person on their own; this technology would not be available to committee meetings. Dirk moves to approve up to $333 for funding to join in shared technology with Linden Hills, Claire seconds, all in favor, motion passes.

Committee updates
Livability and engagement – 4th of July planning, looking for face painting, please send recommendations to Michelle, potentially looking into a 3rd inflatable. Looking for transportation volunteers from 9-10:30 to transport 360 pounds of ice. (Scott Massey volunteers for ice transport, will coordinate with Michelle)

Environmental Committee – Working on lawns to legumes grant work. Last meeting did not have a quorum, introductions extended and the meeting was discontinued.

Equity Committee – Door knockers are going to be hired to gain understanding through a survey of ways to implement more equitable involvement in the board. Continued work toward land acknowledgement.

Building Land Use and Housing – Unveiling of the signage at the Washburn Water Tower occurred Saturday June 18th. The event was featured in the SW Connector, it was well attended by neighborhood members. This was funded by the MN Historical Society. Will Young is the new chair of this committee.Two annual events, spring spruce up and Autumn Alley Clean Up, we are trying to plan how to make these events more sustainable. Looking at partnering with Councilmember Koski about safety in reference to area intersections near the schools.

Task Force – received a $20,000 grant to assist in exploring collaboration with other neighborhood associations. We have been meeting with Lyndale and Kingfield to look at ways to join forces to share financial resources. We are loosely calling ourselves the South Nicollet Corridor. Currently members of the task force are talking to other neighborhoods who have already merged. We will report back with findings from these conversations.

Executive Director report – Field interviewers will be interviewed in the next several weeks. New Board member meeting will occur next week.

Adjourn 8:46