June 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – Monday June 21st, 2021 7:00pm via Zoom

Board Members Present: Kellie Hanson, Dan Treinen, Heather Grovum, Jon Dejong, Lori Gubrud, Pat Collins, Dirk Nicholson, Ben Levy, Scott Massey, Lauren Kramer

Board members absent: Nancy Hamilton Britt

Called to order: 7:02pm

Opening remarks and introduction to new potential members; Nancy Hamilton Britt, Scott Massey, Ben Levy. 

Lori moved to nominate the three to board members. Dirk seconded, all were in favor. 

Officer Nomination/Volunteer for open vacancies with no objection:

President- Jon Dejong

Vice President – Kelly Hanson

Treasurer – Lori Gubrud

Secretary – Heather Grovum 

Sally noted the need for a member of the board to be approved as a check signer for our rebate programs (Energy and Safety) Scott Massey offered to be the check signer for the rebate programs. John moved to approve Scott to this position and Lori seconded the motion, all were in favor.  

City Council member Jeremy Schroeder was present and updated the Board on the federal funds received by the city for the American Rescue Plan and detailed how the city is planning on utilizing the funds. It was outlined in detail at the following web address. https://stories.opengov.com/minneapolismn/published/DB-GI-eso

He detailed a project that he is heading (Street Voices for Change) that specifically details the wishes of the unsheltered population in Minneapolis in reference to their preferences for housing, specifically that it be affordable and energy efficient.  

Lori McGinley from Justice Page Middle School was present to update the Board on updates happening at the school. There is a full interior lighting replacement taking place.  They are repainting the lines of the parking lot, a streamlined main entry door is being designed for a safe and welcoming entrance that will be on the south west side of the building, it will be 30 by 60 feet and will be accessible for all students. Two classrooms are being changed into science classrooms as the census of the student population is increasing by 200 for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Continuation and re-envisioning of Strategic plan from 2018 for how to allocate funds. 

Currently 3 pots of money that we have to utilize that we’ve spent more slowly than anticipated.

-NRP dollars (neighborhood revitalization program) 

-CPP (community participation program- to provide money to neighborhood associations to increase participation) *2022 funding will change from 30K to 10K annually. 

-Equity funding $4000 provided if we are able to meet the requirement of drafting an equitable engagement plan. Vision is that we need to be engaging populations that we are not currently, and that they are included in decision making and participating in the direction of the neighborhood. (Should we be out door knocking to target renters, seniors, youth(?) and BIPOC neighbors to assist in creating a new strategic plan?) No great guidance from the city. Complete the application and discuss how we are going to engage with the populations that we are targeting. We are not obligated to do everything that we brainstorm within the application. 

Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association(LHENA) and Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) are asking for time to pitch TNA to resurrect the Southwest Journal – do we want to approve funding? 

Read through letter in board packet for more information

They’re asking for 366.98 of our equitable engagement money for 2021 (is this for half of the year, or a full year?)

Jon has a question about their organizational budget (where will the money be spent, especially if they’re highlighting that this will be primarily volunteer ran. 

Equity (Dirk)- a lot of new faces in this committee with several previous members stepping down. 

Building Land Use and Housing (Dirk) – will be moving forward with the safety rebate funding, as there is now a new check signer (Scott)

Water tower signage should be going forward 

Livability and Engagement (Mischa) July 4th event is moving forward, several businesses partnering. Food vendors in place, still looking for volunteers. 

Mathnasium – oversized games (chess and checkers boards)

Blooma- Yoga with kids

Balloon artist

Band has been acquired. 

Volunteer sign up on the website and Facebook page

Raffle tickets will be sold (cash only) to cover costs of events and activities. 

Environmental (Pat) – Waiting to hear about approval for the green partners grant through Hennepin County ($10,000 grant to continue with sustainability efforts within the community). 

Planning for August 15th textile reduction and reuse event, tablers (including people who we partnered with throughout last year), clothing swap, (August 21st rain date) 

Spring spruce up – compost pick up, brought in significant money through suggested donation for compost. 

Resilient yards event

The committee is looking to increase outreach of the monthly Sustainability Sam article through email blast. There has been increased community involvement in Environmental Committee events from community members that are not Tangletown residents and they would like to continue to share sustainability efforts via email with them. 

 Mischa suggested that we look into contacting Martha Garces to get more information about the Buy Nothing Project and potentially ask her to table at the August event. 

As per Sally, Covid numbers are increasingly promising and may allow for safe in-person meetings (potentially at Dirk’s patio)

There is an opportunity to get to know new members and the unique skills, interests, and experiences of all members to better connect with each other and each committee. Ask if anyone would be interested in helping with the new board member training. Summer time is best but we can pick a date that works best for all or most. 

Dirk recommends that we look toward members to take responsibility to train new members in specific items that they may be well versed in to reduce Sally’s responsibility. 

Adjourned: 8:36pm