June 2018

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – Monday, June 18, 2018 – 7:00 p.m., Fuller Park

Board members present: Dan Williams, Gabe Moreno, Briana Daymont, Valerie Hurst, Dick Fiala, Ryan Fisher, Carl Arrell, Kellie Hanson, Brian McDonald, Erik Brenna, Pat Collins, Steve Wohlford, John Dukich

Board members absent: Joy Gottschalk, Helen Chu Hamman

Also present: Jeremy Schroeder (Ward 11 Minneapolis City Councilmember), Chriss Joyce (TNA Interim Coordinator)

Called to order: 7:01pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary – Gabe made a motion to approve the May minutes, Ryan seconded.  Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer – no report

Jeremy Schroeder

Mayor Frey gave his State of the City right after the TNA Annual meeting, in which he proposed a $50m fund for affordable housing. Jeremy wants to know how that will be funded, which wasn’t made clear. He is also concerned about police restraint and has directed staff to finish a draft report by its deadline even though the City police had some accuracy concerns with it. The City is receiving many comments on the Minneapolis 2040 plan; the comments Jeremy himself gets appear to have a 50/50 split for/against. He emphasized that it’s “not any one person’s” plan; there are parts he supports and parts he doesn’t. Jeremy has also added five more community conversations meetings at neighborhood locations before the comment period closes.

Fuller Park

A reminder that the Fuller Park building closes for the summer on July 5th for renovations, including air conditioning and electrical updates.


The newly elected TNA board members (Carl, Kellie, Brian, Erik, Pat, and John) introduced themselves.

Officer Term Update and Elect New Officers

Briana was nominated for President. Steve and Carl were nominated for Vice President. Helen and Brian were nominated for Treasurer. Dan was nominated for Secretary.  Because the roles of Vice President and Treasurer were contested, board members voted by ballot and Chriss tallied votes. The board selected Carl for Vice President and Brian for Treasurer.

Ryan moved that Briana fill the role of President, Carl fill the role of Vice President, Brian fill the role of Treasurer, and Dan fill the role of Secretary.  Dick second. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Kellie and Valerie volunteered for the role of Editor.

Washburn Water Tower Expenses Vote

There were $609.40 in expenses for equipment to maintain the water tower plantings.  Steve moved to approve the expenses as previously discussed. Gabe seconded. Voice vote, all in favor, motion approved.

Committee Updates

Beautiful, Purposeful Spaces: Steve was elected chairperson. After the annual meeting a number of new members joined, so the committee is waiting one month for input from new members before proceeding with previously identified priorities.

Innovative Environmental Leadership: Joy was elected chairperson.  The committee has current focus areas of energy, waste, and water, and have discussed community engagement around changes that cause ripple effects like a “bingo” flyer and ways to give residents a chance to commit to making sustainable choices.  The committee is also soliciting feedback from new members on priorities.

Engaged, Welcoming Community: The committee is investigating new business/resident welcome kits and is looking at how to make the TNA event calendar stronger outside the summer months.

Bri asked if any of the committees would have concrete initiatives ready to go for August; none of the committees thought so due to summer activities and onboarding new members.  After discussion the board agreed that each committee should have a high level plan and budget proposals for their initiatives by the September board meeting. Chriss will meet with Sally and come up with a template for committees to use for their plan and budget.

If any committees have questions about housing-related activities and expenses, send those questions to Chriss and she will aggregate them and forward to Stacy at NCR to determine housing-related funding eligibility.  Chriss will also get more specific guidelines from Stacy.

Event Debriefs

Garage Sale Weekend: Brian thought turnout was a bit low. Steve heard that the Bryn Mawr neighborhood’s huge garage sale event was the same weekend, and also noted that our date conflicts with the Humane Society’s Walk for Animals.  Brian suggested moving it after Lyndale Open Streets and to use Open Streets for publicity, though Dick noted we don’t know the date of Lyndale Open Streets far enough in advance every year to plan the Garage Sale date.  The garage sale participant survey showed that most participants would be OK with moving the event later in the year. Chriss suggested sending tips (“don’t put all your good stuff out immediately”) to participants as well.  Carl asked whether a “digital” marketplace alongside the garage sale event would have value.  The board thought it might.

Board Member Meet Up Events: attendees considered the events successful, from both a new board member recruitment and a neighborhood engagement perspective.

Annual Meeting: the meeting was very well attended versus past events though the speaker segment was a bit too long.  It was also noted it would have been good to have the projector set up for showcasing the new logo and rebranding effort.

Water Tower Landscaping Event: Steve estimated there were 50-60 volunteers at different points in the day and they were willing to work through rain and mud to get the job done.  He hopes this is a sign we’ll be able to keep up interest. Carl asked if there could be a short future presentation on the background of the landscaping itself (eg what the plants are and the reason for their specific locations).

Open Streets: TNA board members served free snow-cones and popcorn. The weather was “delightful” according to Dick.  Steve thought the event was more organized this year and the partnership with other participating neighborhoods was also stronger.  TNA giveaways definitely helped attract people and 30+ names were added to the TNA email list.

Adjourned: 8:00

Minutes submitted by Dan Williams, TNA Secretary