June 2014

TNA Meeting: Monday June 16, 2014 7:00pm Fuller Park

Board members present: Ryan Fisher, Steve Bieringer, Sandra Bartsias, Jane Elias, Andrea Siegel, Karen Costello, Matt Chapman, Laura Silver
Board members absent: Mary Jane Mitchell, Tony Proell, Charlie Siftar, Dylan Sirny, Lauren Andrerson, Eric David, Jon Mcaab
Guests: Kris Stevens, Bruce Hellier, Commissioner Marion Green

1. Call to order at 7:05pm
2. Introductions: Current Tangletown Neighborhood Association Board member introductions – name, address, occupation, years on board, reason for initially joining
3. 5336 Lyndale Ave.: Bruce Hellier presented plans to develop 4 floor building at the site of Beek’s Pizza and Diamond Lake Rental (Lynhurst neighborhood). Mixed retail and 4 residential units. Desire for long-term residential leases. Interested business leases from restaurants and Eric’s Bicycle. Lynhurst Neighborhood Association satisfied with the plan but expressed concern about other residential development on same block which came out larger than had been presented prior to construction. Plan is for ground breaking September 2014, open for leases February 2015.
4. County Commissioner Marion Green update: Interested in the influence of the County Board, and has goals related to early childhood development, and bridging achievement gaps. County has a budget of $1.8 Billion, second largest in state, after the state itself. Focus on inter-disciplinary thinking. Issues: Southwest light rail, 35W between Lake St. and downtown. County district 3 represents southwest Minneapolis from 35W across all of St Louis Park and 394 to the north.
5. Fuller Park playground and pool shade structures update: Shade color selections have been made and the order is getting processed. May still be a long-shot for July 4 install.
Playground work will begin September 2 for completion spring 2015.
6. 4th of July update and request approval of $2000 budget: Steve created and provided a map of the event set-up. Kris reported that a Park Board Naturalist will be available at the event for free craft programs. Steve will confirm number of tents required for current layout, determine how many we currently own, and how many we might purchase vs rent as needed, working with Sandra to remain within budget. Sandra moved that the board allocate $2000 toward the event. Motion is seconded and APPROVED. Sandra confirmed that Heart of the Tinman will be the musical entertainment. Considering The Amazing Scott for balloon sculptures, however price may be higher than budget.
7. Officer Elections: Ryan nominated Sandra to return as Treasurer. Seconded and APPROVED. Ryan nominated Steve for board President. Seconded and APPROVED. No nominations or volunteers for VP and Secretary officer roles. Matt moves that elections for these role be deferred to July meeting. Seconded, APPROVED.
8. Utility wrap project update: Jane currently has the materials and work completed to-date by Carolyn, but is unwilling to manage the administrative responsibility of moving the project forward. City has accepted that TNA will withdraw application at this time and we remain in good standing if we choose to participate at some time in the future.
9. Officer Reports:
Secretary – May’s meeting minutes were APPROVED
Treasurer – Current balances: NCR account $24,730.10 TNA $13,016.13. Report APPROVED
10. Fuller Park Updates: Kris confirmed new playground timeline and noted that the gymnasium clock needs adjustment.
11. Adjournment: Move to adjourn by Ryan, Seconded.
8:35pm meeting adjourned